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  • Kilgore College Board Meeting Essay

    Kilgore College Board Meeting On March 14th 2016, I attended a Kilgore College Board of Trustees Meeting. The meeting of the evening started at six-thirty pm in the McLaurin Admiration Building. The board meeting’s goa was to discuss all the important items that concerned the status of Kilgore College and the financially problems. The agenda of the board meeting was followed in a specified order. The first item of every meeting is saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” to show respect to the country second item of the meeting was the college spotlights of the month. The Student Spotlight of the month was Ashley Finley, who will be graduating in the month of May. The Employee Spotlight was Kenya Ray who teaches Corrosion Technology. Since 2011,…

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  • SAT Argumentative Essay

    knowledge. This exam is widely used as a college admission test that tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math, the core that students receive education in their high school career. While many people believe that this test favors certain groups of kids, it is allowing the board to take a look back at what exactly the students are being tested on and how exactly they will propose, either a change to the test or state how their test doesn't demonstrate…

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  • Standardized College Entrance Exams

    Students make their way from preschool to elementary, intermediate, middle school and finally high school. Of course during all those years students have probably created a dream and a career that they wish to accomplish. Pursuing any professional career would probably lead such students to college and force them to abide by their prefered school. One of the most determining factors would be a standardized college entrance exam. When students take the college entrance exam they demonstrate to…

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  • SAT Reflection Essay

    An article from CNN discusses some of the approaching changes of the SAT. This spring, according to David Coleman, the College Board President and CEO, the test will require students to justify their answers. Among the content of the exam, the test perfect score will be adjusted from 2400 to 1600, with an optional essay. Additionally, a study tool used widely by students for a variety of core subjects, Khan Academy, will partner for the first time with the College Board to prepare students for…

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  • The Importance Of Public Service In America

    With the price of higher education on the rise, I feel that students are going to need all the financial resources they can get. “In its most recent survey of college pricing, the College Board reports that a "moderate" college budget for an in-state public college for the 2014–2015 academic year averaged $23,410.” (“What’s the price”). Making a trade of public service for financial aid would result in the willingness to serve in a majority of people. Like financial aid, scholarships are also…

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  • Standardized Testing In Schools Pros And Cons

    to take their junior year of high school, mostly in the western and southern parts of the United State. It stands for American College Test. It’s the ACT. Now originally, the ACT was used in the early 1900’s to help students from lower income families be recognized by ivy league schools. In modern time, the ACT is used as a required test throughout the United States; and often used in college applications. However the ACT has been a disputed subject as of late. Many wonder if the ACT is bias…

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  • Student Stress In The Overachievers By Alexandra Robbins

    factor in the life of high school students that can lead to stress over getting accepted into prestigious schools. This stress over prestigious schools is caused because of the fact that certain scores are required to get into higher-ranking colleges and universities. An example of this would be Sam, who was worried because of “the fifty extra points Sam assumed he needed to be Stanford material” (Robbins 29). The problem with today’s students is that their life very much depends on what they…

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  • Public School Board Meeting Analysis

    of private parties, and by private, meaning those with the power to change or alter their environment. Public school board meetings are such spaces. It allows for the consumers of education to be heard by the “producers” of education, or staff personnel involved. Ideally, concerns and…

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  • Toys For Tots Essay

    concern about whether the program would be able to complete its mission that year. By the end of the campaign season, the Marine Corps Reserve proudly announced in its annual report that Toys for Tots set new records by collecting more than $284 million in revenue and distributing over 18 million toys to seven million less fortunate children across the nation. The Honors Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey participated in one of 759 campaigns nationwide, collecting approximately ## toys…

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  • Analysis: A Year From Hell

    factions, attention began to focus on the college. Only eight students had graduated that summer and the projected enrollment for the year 2000 of 500 students, fell short by 300. Some board members began to question the direction of the school and directed their blame towards Dr. Pease. Using a 1999 tribal resolution that seated four tribal-elected officials…

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