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  • Education In Texas

    Texas manages to simultaneously rank among the best and worst in the nation when it comes to education, but only because it excels in some fields and fails in others. An unfortunate side effect of this is that some political leaders in Texas think that budget cuts and funding in regards to education can be used to manipulate their power and political campaigns in order to forward their agenda. Education is a window to future careers; children and young adults should have access to educational services and/or financial aid no matter what income threshold their families come from. According to the tape "House Support for Senate Budget Unlikely" funding for schools were the center of contention between the two houses because the House wants to…

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  • Diversity In Texas

    southern states of Texas. Texas has long since been a state known for its diversity,…

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  • Texas Economy

    Immigration has been one of the most controversial subjects in our state today and with the results of this past election. It is clear that the whole country is divided, especially in this issue. As we all know, Texas is home to more than 1 million illegal aliens, the second largest population in the country just below California. They live here permanently, and contribute to our economy and community every day. In this essay I will explain how granting amnesty to illegal aliens would benefit…

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  • Hispanic Culture In Texas

    Texas has a long and rich in history, Texas was part of the Spanish Empire, also part of Mexico but in 1836 Texas acquired independence from the country. Since Texas was part of Mexico, there is many Hispanic influences that have been shaping Texas culture. But most of the important figures do not only come from Mexico, but from Spanish-speaking countries. According to pewhispanics.org the Texas population consists of 38% Hispanics, 88% are Mexican and 12% are non-Mexican. A total of 9,794 000…

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  • Essay On Texas Equality

    The struggle for equality and citizen’s equal rights has been an issue and continues to be one to this day. Texas has waged many battles in the struggle for women, African Texans, Latinos, Gays, and Lesbians to all achieve the social and political equality that they all deserve. The major developments that have occurred in order for their equality are extremely significant and hold an important role in today’s society. Luckily, even after the opposition that has happened, we all came together as…

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  • Texas Rebellion Causes

    Causes that Led to Texas Independence Texas Revolution, a rebellion that took place in late 1835 and continued till early 1836 by the Texans or Tejanos, was against the Mexican government and military. Though, the roots of this rebellion took place long time ago, when Mexico achieved its independence from Spain in 1821 and when Mexico legalized immigration from the United States. Immigrants from the United States gained permission to settle in the state of “Coahuila y Tejas” (now Texas). Moses…

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  • 1837 Texas Treaty

    In 1836 Texas declared themselves independent from Mexico, but of course Mexico does not recognize this at first. In 1837 Texas asked the United States to be annexed into their country, but at the time the United States could not accept a new state because of two reasons. The first reason for this was that The States had just reached a balance between Slave States and Free States and with Texas wanting to be a Slave State they would upset that balance. The second reason is that Mexico made it so…

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  • 20th Century Texas

    The growing pains in Texas during the late 19th and early 20th centuries due to expansion and modernization affect everyone. The rapid changes in Texas created chaos and prosperity for the people on the land. The swift changes caused people to face economic, social, political, and demographic issues differently and some faced with more difficult issues than others were. The demographics of the state experience great change because many were created in the cities. The people had to move in…

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  • Importance Of The Texas Constitution

    change Texas back to its old values. Without doing this the congress and Texans were afraid they would not be able to maintain their tradition. Some of the values were, independence, small government, less taxes, and localized school systems. The representatives and delegates wanted to create these values through a new constitution. The laws and values of the Constitution of 1876 are still in Texas today. Texas is still a strong conservative state whose values have still remained the same. The…

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  • Causes Of Colonization Of Texas

    up the territory of Texas to American colonization because it was unable to persuade its own citizens to settle the remote and fairly unpopulated land. The following year, however, Mexico gained independence from Spain. Mexico Continued Spain’s colonization plan after its independence in 1821. American colonization of Texas took place from 1821 until 1835. They were attracted here for three reasons; the first being cheap, inexpensive land. Undeveloped land in the United States cost $1.25…

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