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  • New Mexico Case

    What is Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) requesting in this application? A. PNM is proposing Rider 46 under First Revised Rate 22 to recover excess costs associated with the underground installation of a new distribution project within the City of Rio Rancho (“CRR”), NM, an approximately 6,580 ft. three-phase distribution line (“Project”) that will interconnect the existing Veranda Unit II transformer (“VII”) and the existing Black Ranch Feeder 14 (“BR14”). PNM Exhibit VHC-2 shows the location of this project. They are also requesting two variances, the first is a variance from 17.9.530 NMAC (minimum standard data requirements) based on the limited and specialized character of Rider 46 as well as this being a new, non-existing…

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  • New Mexico Railroad History

    the development of a whole new economy. In New Mexico, the railroad played a crucial role in the development of the area and its future. The railroad played one of the largest roles in the history of New Mexico because of the conflict spurred by the race to reach New Mexico, the immediate affect of the railroad in New Mexico, and the lasting effects of the railroad in modern New Mexico. When the railroad first started to blossom in the United States, many of the newly formed railroad…

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  • Poverty In New Mexico

    New Mexico is a breathtaking place, with the vibrant colors and the heart-stopping landscapes, it is portrayed essentially as the Land of Enchantment. The state is known for its rich history and luscious cultures that inhale residents from other states, along with bundles of foreigners from around the world. Although, to the world’s surprise, the implausible sweet land is one of the meagerest states in America. There are numerous reasons why New Mexico is dirt poor, although the primary reasons…

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  • New Mexico Conflict Essay

    Spanish explored the land of the Navajo, they encountered each other became allies, the exchanged good with each other, and it ended into great conflict. They disagreed and fought to who won. They wanted the good land, isn’t that why the Spanish came to that land? Riches and more riches. They also thought they could make allies and more “friends” in the world. The more they stayed the more they fought. They Navajo seemed more peaceful and just wanted land to live and grow on, but the Spanish…

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  • New Mexico Prison Riot Analysis

    Discussion In an attempt to understand the New Mexico Prison Riot in it’s entirety, all aspects of breakdown must be considered. It has been clearly understood by movement scholars that the riot that took place at the penitentiary was the result of diminishing solidarity between the administration and the inmates. Both of the selected scholars use their interpretation of contemporary breakdown theory to further their understanding of how riots form. Bert Useem directly applies his…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To New Mexico

    When I was six years old I moved from Colorado to New Mexico. At the end of my junior year of high school, I found out that I was moving back to Colorado. I was full of emotions, I couldn’t decide if I was more mad or sad making me hate the world. I thought of every possibility of how to stay in New Mexico to finish high school. At the time, I was talking to a girl that I really liked and I had a lot of very close friends. I wasn’t the type of kid to go out and do things with people. During the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Minnesota And New Mexico

    are Minnesota and New Mexico. Minnesota and New Mexico have very different landmarks, weather, and terrain but still share several things in common. Minnesota is located in the northern half of the country, which causes it to have humid summers and very cold winter weather. During the summer months weather is typically hot and humid with occasional tornadoes. Alternately, the winter weather is usually below zero temperatures with lots of snow. This…

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  • Late Colonial New Mexico Summary

    Colonial New Mexico Author: Ross Frank Author’s background Graduate degree from: University of California, Berkeley Year of graduation: 1992 Graduate mentor: unable to find this information Where author works now: University of California, San Diego Topic of text Through the information recorded in a 1794 report written by Governor don Fernando de la Concha, the essay examines the characterization of the vecinos in relation to the Pueblo Indians and the dynamics of the social interactions…

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  • Bullying In New Mexico

    upstanders who make a difference. In New Mexico, football players have helped kids from being bullied in their community. It is important for the victim to have an advocate. The effects of bullying on the victim can change their lives forever. One of the most devastating effects of bullying is suicide. Experts in a British survey revealed 20% of the victims attempted suicide from something bully related. Only 3% of the people who were not bullied attempted suicide, which is a scary statistic.…

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  • The Acequias In New Mexico

    The acequias have long contributed to a traditional communal irrigation system in many different parts of the world throughout history and continue to contribute in the southwest United States today. This system was uniquely engineered by early Spanish settlers to disseminate water from afar to households and farms using the hand-dug canals into the earth, which helped to sustain their livelihood and support their source of food. Today, there are still many people that rely on the these water…

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