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    The Spanish language has been an influential and constant part of American history in not only recent years, but dating back prior even to the colonization of the European settlers and pilgrims. Spanish has continued to be a prevalent force in America that is changing/impacting the culture in many ways, such as through its business transactions, education, and media. Therefore, the benefit of knowing the history/origin of Spanish, and how it’s important to the U.S, will convey the significance of learning Spanish as a second language for those living in the United States. The introduction of the Spanish language came about, according to Phillip Carter (a lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages at North Caroline State) by Ponce de León (a Spanish explorer) leading an expedition to what is now the Florida peninsula. Carter further outlines how this event caused the emergence of Spanish colonies within the United States as he says, “By 1556, they had established their first permanent colony in San Agustín, Florida … Between 1520 and 1570, the Spanish turned their attention to the … territory in the West and Southwest of the present-day United States” (“¡Spanglish! Spanish in the U.S”). These events are what, according to Carter, caused the Spanish culture/language to…

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  • Spanish Language In Latin America

    Spanish, one of the most widely used languages in the world, continues to gain competence across nations through academic curricula, entertainment for all ages, and even the functionality of the World’s largest corporations. While the Hispanic culture continues to cultivate within American society, the Spanish speaking community has become more prevalent in culture assimilated areas. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of Spanish speakers has flourished as a reflection of the rapid…

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  • Spanish Vs English Language Analysis

    of different languages spoken across the globe today. It is interesting to note that the United States, one of the most diverse countries in the world, does not have an official language. While English is what a majority of the American population speaks, it is by no means the only language that can be heard here. In California, specifically Southern California, two of the most widely spoken languages are English and Spanish. Often in the past, scholars as well as regular people, made theories…

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  • Spanish Language Essay

    of these factors is literary works such as Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare. In almost all cultures there is at least one writer who's work transcended through time, and is read by generation after generation leaving an impact in the language of all of those who read it. In the case of the Spanish language, we have Cervantes, who's work is still used by "La Real Academia de la Lengua Espa��" (The Real Academy for the Spa㩳h Language) to set standards for our language.…

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  • Spanish To English Language Essay

    Language is different types of expressions. It can be found in art, music, movies, writing and amongst many other things. It is a form of communication that varies between each individual. But most importantly, language can determine an individuals’ personality. When a language is dominated, it can show self-identity, success and most importantly, it can show how power isn’t as strong and important as one thinks. I thought everything was going to be the same as it was in Mexico. I always knew…

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  • Spanish English Language Research

    While Spanish is currently a minority-language, the growing Hispanic population indicates that this may change in the years to come. With that in mind, schools across the nation should consider hiring more speech language pathologists (SLPs) and/or providing further bilingual assessment training for their current SLPs. Especially in densely populated cities, Spanish-English bilingual children are struggling academically. If the Hispanic population continues to grow, it can be assumed that…

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  • Spanish Language Influence On Culture

    A language is one of the many defining aspects of a culture. Language allows for members of a culture to communicate with one another, express ideas, emotion, and most importantly, express who they are as individuals. Certain phrases, or “idioms,” can also be expressed through a culture’s language. These idioms are often unique to a cultural group and can have their own ties to the culture’s history, values, and practices. The remainder of the text will examine the Spanish language, its…

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  • Spanish Language Reading Comprehension Strategies

    teaching strategies that use students’ first language, Spanish, to scaffold learning of the second language, English. It also discusses certain areas of the English language where teachers can support Latino students, such as phonology, phonics, vocabulary, sentence structure and writing. Spanish-speaking students enter the classroom with pre-existing knowledge of Spanish, or “linguistic capital” which improves their ability to master a second language. In order to help students transfer…

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  • Spanish Language In Cusquenhos

    It was the poetry of Cesar Vallejo, Arguedas, Garcilazo that matter to us. It reflected our Andean traits. Cusquenhos are different from coastal Peruvians. We are because of our cultural traits. We are visual, silent, introverts, stoic and very much good listeners and enjoy jokes spoken in the Quechua language. Cultural traits inherited and transformed out of the clash between the Inca and the Spanish culture. The Nobel Prize winner Vargas llosa is correct indicating that our Spanish language…

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  • Native Spanish Language

    Sometimes a person’s native language is not the same language spoken with the rest of society. Everybody comes from different backgrounds and based on those backgrounds influences how a person is raised, including the language they grow up learning. However, not knowing the same language as the rest of the population disables an individual from being able to communicate with them. In addition, language also affects a person’s ability to read and write. This becomes an issue with children who…

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