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  • Ethics In Sports

    Just as ethical issues may arise in business organizations, they also do so in the sports world. From the excerpt in our Business textbook (Ferrell, 2015), ethical issues arise in the example of the New Orleans Saint Football team. As our Business textbook states, “The New Orleans football organization is an example of ethical misconduct in leadership (Ferrell, 2015).” The New Orleans Saints leadership exhibited ethical issues such as bribery within the team, fairness and honesty in the game, compromising of the relationships amongst the teammates, owners, coaches and, but not limited to, other football teams within the NFL. The most obvious ethical issue would be abusive and intimidating behavior. The New Orleans Saints’ organizational culture was jeopardized by the poor examples the leadership and players demonstrated resulting in the “bounty scandal.” Many fans uphold the team to a higher standard and the positive behaviors, values, attitudes,…

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  • Nfl Offensive Juggernaut Research Paper

    evaluating the overall efficiency of any offense; the ability to put points on the scoreboard and the ability to keep long sustained drives to keep the other offenses off of the field. The first area to evaluate is the total number of yards of offense gained. We are going to evaluate this in three different ways: total yards gained, total passing yards, and total running yards. These comparisons will be used to show where they ranked amongst all teams that year as well as how they compared with…

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  • Lawn And Order Case Study

    LAWN AND ORDER It was a beautiful day in Louisiana, Georgia, Mr.Adams was was driving his Ford Explorer to a customer 's house. Mr.Adams had a business where he would mow lawns and he specialized in doing custom designs for gardens, it was named Lawn and Order. Almost everybody in Louisiana has heard of Lawn and Order because of its recent booming success, due to channel 19 news, which featured a lot of his famous designs such as “ The Lawnmower “ and “ The Pelican “ where he would put the…

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  • New Orleans Research Paper

    “The “Queen of the South,” New Orleans is a city whose prosperity can be directly attributed to the Mississippi River. As a gateway to America, it has thrived as a shipping and commercial center, contributing to the industrialization of the United States from its early days to the present,” (“New Orleans” 230). New Orleans is located in the southern region of the United States, and it borders the states of MIssissippi, Texas, and Arkansas. New Orleans has many geographical features that are…

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  • Growing Up In New Orleans

    to Virginia in the 7th grade, we resided in Louisiana for about 7 years. We would travel to New Orleans very often for various sporting events that my siblings and I would participate in or we would go to watch the New Orleans Saints or the New Orleans Pelicans play. New Orleans has so much to offer that for all ages. Many people may think that New Orleans is only for adults but there are some kid-friendly things to do. Other than the crime in New Orleans, is not terrible city. The crime…

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  • Voodoo In Louisiana

    creator of both the universe and the spirits is understood to be the God of the Christian Bible; however, because the religion was established before people were able to read or write; therefore, there is no sacred text or central authority. Spanning centuries and continents the religion has morphed into hundreds of incarnations and practices. One such incarnation of the religion is Louisiana voodoo, also known as New Orleans Voodoo, a unique form of voodoo religion practiced-- as its name…

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  • Deadliest Natural Disasters: Hurricane Katrina

    strength to become a hurricane. This Hurricane was named "Katrina". Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named hurricane and one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. History. Over 1200 people died in the disaster from very aggressive flooding and strong winds make it the deadliest hurricane since 1928. Over a half million citizens of New Orleans became victims of Katrina. This hurricane packed winds of 174 mph, which put it at category 5 hurricanes. Once it ground, the winds dropped,…

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  • Causes And Prevention Of Hurricane Katrina

    With so much loss associated with Hurricane Katrina, the events leading up to the devastation should have allowed the city of New Orleans to be better prepared to undergo a category five storm. What caused the destruction, wind or water? What came first, the wind or the water? On August 29, 2005, New Orleans, Louisiana was caught in the eye of the unforgettable Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of innocent lives were lost, along with homes and businesses as a result of the rushing flood waters.…

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  • Hurricane Katrina Impact

    Hurricane Katrina was described as "one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit the United States" according to Kim Ann Zimmerman on (2012). August 29, 2005 would completely change the lives of thousands of individuals and families in New Orleans, Louisiana due to impact of Hurricane Katrina. This tropical storm was categorized as a category 5 Hurricane due to the fact the damaging winds reached up to 175 miles per hour. Many people were able to evacuate before the storm became…

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  • Narrative Essay About Hurricane Life

    Houston, Texas. The thousands of people who survived Katrina’s wrath will forever remember the destructive path it laid. Little did I know that one of the most destructive hurricanes in American History was about to make landfall; the events I was involved in will forever be burned into my mind. In my lifetime, we’ve always stayed home for every single Hurricane that has made landfall. My father never wanted to leave for any storm, as he was very worried about something happening when we…

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