Deadliest Natural Disasters: Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina
This day of August 23, 2005 was one of the biggest disasters our country could have ever faced in out time. I will never forget that day. That day one simple tropical storm swept through the southern states of our country and killed hundreds of people. Even the day when many U.S. Citizens had to relocate and start life elsewhere. When families were separated and never seen again. The tropical storm that built enough strength to become a hurricane. This Hurricane was named "Katrina". Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named hurricane and one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. History. Over 1200 people died in the disaster from very aggressive flooding and strong winds make it the deadliest hurricane since 1928. Over a half million citizens of New Orleans became victims of Katrina. This hurricane packed winds of 174 mph, which put it at category 5 hurricanes. Once it ground, the winds dropped, which made it a category 4 hurricane. However, due to city being below Sea level, water from the Atlantic Ocean was forced into the city causing the levee system to break down as water rushed into the city
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Other survivors had to relocate to other cities and states and start life in another environment. The citizens of New Orleans did not give up. It was a time for rebuilding. They knew the rebuilding process would take years and would be very expensive, but the city was not giving up easily. The rebuilding process cost was over 100 million dollars in damages. With people relocating in over 1200 fatalities. The city lost a lot of its people. New Orleans was not the only city affected by Hurricane Katrina. Other cities and states were affected as well, such as Biloxi, Mississippi and Georgia, Alabama. The state of Georgia was affected

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