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  • One Of The Negative Impacts Of Tropical Cyclones

    Tropical Cyclones Cameron Pillay Figure 1.1 Tropical cyclones. One of the wonders of nature that reassures us that god is watching our behavior. Jokes aside, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones or even willie willies, whatever you prefer, are a massive danger to our society. The harsh winds and floods result in many deaths and major destruction to infrastructure along coastal regions(L. Dilley, J. Earle, K. Euston-Brown, G. Keats, A.Nxele, G. Ravenscroft, 2013). So how can we prepare ourselves? Many countries have evacuation plans or changes in infrastructure that allow buildings to withstand the harsh conditions. However, other countries cannot afford to invest in such expensive plans. This results in many deaths and suffering populations in…

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  • Cyclone Lam Case Study

    On February 19th, 2015 cyclone Lam had finally made landfall between Millingimbi and Elcho island in the northern territory as a category 4 cyclone. Cyclone lam had started off as a monsoon trough on February 12th over the Coral sea and moved over the Cape York peninsula and moved to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Due to warm waters and favourable outflow the monsoon trough became a category 1 cyclone on the 16th of February and was named cyclone Lam by the Bureau of Meteorology. Cyclone Lam started…

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  • Hurricane Katrina In New Orleans

    and high altitude," ( "Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones..."). Because of their warm ocean water temperatures, all hurricanes are formed between the Tropic of Cancer( 23.5 degrees north latitude) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 degrees south latitude). Secondly, the formation of a hurricane has four different stages. Hurricanes start off as a bundle of tropical storms known as a tropical disturbance( "Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones..."). Once the tropical disturbance starts to whip into…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Cyclones And Climate Change

    Cyclones are a spinning and possibly dangerous storm. These storms bring many problems that should be mitigated. These powerful, intense spinning storms cannot be stopped, however some of the negative effects from cyclones can be mitigated. So what are cyclones and where abouts do they form? What are the effects of climate change on cyclones, will the frequency of them change? What are the negative effects and what can be done to prevent these? More awareness should be given out and buildings…

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  • Hurricane: A Destructive Path

    A tropical storm can change the landscape to the coastal region by destroying areas like the barrier islands and estuaries. Hurricanes can cause erosion in beaches, marsh lands and coastal cliffs, which makes the land more susceptible to damage with future storms. Protecting the coastal regions is highly important because hurricanes threaten coastal residencies and diminish any income gained from tourists. Hurricane Katrina, for example, was responsible for over 108 billion dollars in property…

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  • Hurricane Sandy: The Cause Of Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Sandy, also known as “Superstorm Sandy”, was a massive hurricane and cyclone storm that occurred on October 22nd 2012, and lasted until November 2nd. Sandy is considered to be the largest Atlantic hurricane on record (Gutner). Initally starting out as just a Category 1 tropical storm in the Caribean sea, Sandy made its way to Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, and the United States east coast border, reaching to a Category 3 strength. With its immense strength and wind power of a maxium of 115…

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  • Hurricanes Essay

    by definition, is a tropical cyclone with strong winds spiraling inward and upward and speeds ranging from 75 mph to 200 mph. Hurricanes emerge from the Atlantic basin, which consists of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the northeastern Pacific Ocean, and, less often, the central north Pacific Ocean. Most hurricanes follow a similar cycle of development. Some may run their course in as little as a day or as long as a month. They weaken and are transformed into extratropical…

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  • History Of The Atlantic Hurricane Season

    The 1947 Atlantic hurricane season was the first Atlantic hurricane season to have tropical storms named by the United States Air Force. The season officially began on June 16, 1947, and ended on November 1, 1947. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin. However, the first tropical cyclone developed on June 13, while the final system was absorbed by a cold front on December 1. There were 10 tropical storms; 5 of them…

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  • Flood In Bangladesh Essay

    loss of life as well as damage to crops and other infrastructure. They also cause the spread of diarrheal diseases which are a major health hazard for the people of Bangladesh (Ali 1996). In the case of a Sea Level Rise, there will be an outbreak of Cholera and salinity tolerant mosquitos in the country (Kibria 2014).The detriment caused by the cyclones of 1970 and 1991 took the lives of 500,000 and 138,000 people respectively. There were dreadful floods in 1984, 1987 and 1988 which caused…

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  • How To Write A Hurricane Essay”. A hurricane is extremely harmful and can cause much damage like hurricane Katrina in 2005. Speaking of hurricane Katrina, do you know how hurricanes get their name? Hurricanes get their name depending on when they occur during a year. For example the first hurricane to happen in the year gets a name with the letter “A”, the second one gets a letter “B”, and so on. Like hurricane Katrina was the eleventh one in 2005. Speaking of the names of hurricanes, did you know that…

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