Compare And Contrast Hurricane Katrina And Harvey

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Katrina V. Harvey
Hurricane Katrina and Harvey were very different yet alike, Including their: category, location, time and effects. Hurricanes can be very destructive or hardly do anything and be brushed off. Katrina and Harvey were destructive hurricanes and will be documented in history as examples of what not to do in preparation for hurricanes. Hurricanes are very unpredictable but they all almost end the same way, being very destructive.

The two Hurricanes are very alike in many ways yet they are very different. The two hurricanes, Harvey and Katrina, both included flooding and they were not expected to do as much damage as they did, there was not proper evacuation for either hurricane. It is believed that both hurricanes were made
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One of the most obvious differences is that Harvey is very current in its effects and still very much relevant to the world, while Katrina has happened 12 years ago and seemingly the effects of it have been long since gone but you would be surprised that the effects of Katrina have actually helped society in how they prepare for hurricane. Katrina brought forth very strong arguments in Louisiana about the levees and other flood prevention and reaction equipment that needed to be taken much more seriously and brought up to more recent code. The levees that Katrina broke were not built properly, they were not designed to be overtopped and they failed before even being overtopped most of the time. The most alarming issues with how the geography of Louisiana was taken was how shallow the levees are, they did not even go down far enough to go into solid ground therefore making the levees almost useless for anyone’s safety. They both hit different areas, Texas was hit by Harvey and it moved to some of Louisiana but it was not horrible for Louisiana. When Katrina hit Louisiana it completely flooded it and broke all of the levees, when Katrina hit Mississippi it decimated the coast with its strong winds. The coast still feels the effects of Katrina, it left behind tons of empty streets and destroyed lives. The two hurricanes are very different but still very …show more content…
Harvey wasn’t thought to be as dangerous as it was due to the category 4 rating and the low wind speed, it was not expected to flood and cause massive damage in that regard due to the fact that Texas is actually above sea level unlike New Orleans in Louisiana. The flooding had somewhere to go despite there being almost no flood resistance in Houston. In New Orleans, the city is below sea level so the area that it is in really should be underwater. The systems that are designed to keep water out of the city were not built to code and were not taken seriously, the improper construction of the levees made it very easy for the city to flood and cause massive damage to property. The boats in the canals broke loose and would ride on top of the waves acting like battering rams against buildings causing even more damage to structures. There was not evacuation soon enough and some people were left behind in New Orleans and Houston. In Mississippi, The winds from Katrina did massive damage and completely wiped out areas near the water and left the area completely barren of structures and completely covered in debris, all Katrina left was the foundations of

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