Compare And Contrast Hurricanes And Tornadoes

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Hurricanes and tornadoes are two storms that can cause an enormous destruction in towns. This storms are similar to each other, but have different factor on the way they form, how long they last, how strong the winds are, when do they occur, and what are the warning sings.

First of all, tropical cyclones are known by different names depending where in the world it occurs, for example, in North and Central America on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean the storms are called hurricanes. Before it becomes a hurricane it has to pass through three stages. It starts out as a tropical disturbance because according to Wall and MSFC “hurricanes form over warm ocean water” and rain clouds start to form. Then, it grows into a tropical depression where the
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The “warm ocean water provide the energy a storm needs to become a hurricane” (Wall and MSFC). The temperature of the surface water must be 79 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for it to form. As to the wind, the speed or direction the hurricane is heading toward must not change, other ways the storm can rip apart. As stated by “Hurricanes: Science and Society: Tornadoes” hurricanes only last up to three weeks drawing energy from the warm ocean water. Also, in the norther hemisphere where hurricanes form they rotate …show more content…
The tornadoes begin with a severe thunderstorm called a supercell and it can last longer than a regular thunderstorm. Than wind comes into the storm and starts to swirl into a funnel making it spin faster and faster creating a low pressure area sucking the air into it. A funnel clouds has electrical charges. The positive charges particles are located on the top of the cloud, whereas the negative charges particles are in the bottom of the cloud. About half of the mesocyclone have formed into a tornado wondering how long does it last on the

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