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  • Tornado Case Study Of Tornado

    On Sunday May 22, 2011 Joplin, Missouri experienced a tornado that was measured on the Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF Scale) to be measured at an EF-5. This classification according to Smith, Perotin, and Walsh (2012), indicates that the tornado contained wind speeds greater than 200 miles per hour. The tornado and path of destruction as described by Paul, Stimers, and Caldas (2014), was multi-vortex, nearly a mile wide, measured a path of at least six-miles in length as it traveled across the densely populated community. Over 7,000 homes were destroyed with hundreds more damaged. Businesses along the path were also heavily damaged or totally destroyed. The expansion of damage measured 1,800 acres which they document as nearly one-fourth of the territory of Joplin. The tornado claimed the lives of 162 persons and injured over 1,000. This represents the greatest number of fatalities in one tornado since 1947 according to Paul and Stimers (2015). Paul et al. (2014) explains that in the wake of this disaster was the destruction of four of Joplin’s schools which included the only high school in the community. Several churches, nursing homes, warehouses, along with two large apartment buildings, and two fire…

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  • Essay On Tornado

    harder; it’s hailing and hail, the size of golf balls, begin to form. As it gets windier, the clouds begin to spin and form into cones that swirl to the earth. The wind is unbearable, making it hard to breath. This is a tornado that will destroy everything and anything in its path. People are not prepared and are getting harmed because they don’t know anything about tornadoes. With tornado season approaching, people should learn and understand the basics of a tornado, the dangers of a tornado,…

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  • Informative Essay On A Tornado

    Wow! The winds are getting really powerful here in Florida. It looks like a ginormous tornado, but it's as large as a hurricane. I am afraid to say that we are experiencing a.....Hurrinado! Just alone these two weather storms can create a boat load of damage and result in many lives lost. Who knows what will happen if they both meet together? I sure don't want to stick around to find out, but in the meantime, I'm going to figure out the possibilities of how bad this storm could really be. …

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  • Tornado In Henry County

    Multiple homes in Henry and DeKalb counties have been destroyed by lightning and a tornado during today's storms that affected many areas of Alabama. A tornado in the Screamer community of Henry County caused "significant" damage to 25 homes and destroyed a "handful" of other houses, Emergency Management Agency officials said. The tornado was reported by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency around 12:30 p.m. The storm also blew down trees and snapped power poles. Henry County is home to about…

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  • Tornado Research Papers

    At first I thought if I use warm water, then width of the tornado’s eye will get bigger. Then, after a lot of research, I found out I was right. The eye is the very center of a tornado. The eye is the point around which the strongest winds spiral and twist. Did you know it is actually calm inside the eye? There may be a few clouds and a gentle breeze. Some people have seen the inside of a tornado’s eye. They say that when you look up, it is like standing at the bottom of a huge pipe. The sides…

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  • Joplin Tornado Essay

    Joplin Tornado Tornados can be one of the most damaging weather disasters aside from hurricanes. These spinning funnels of air become more deadly with the length of their path and the amount of debris that they pick up. Each year tornados create a path of destruction throughout the United States. In 2011, the city of Joplin Missouri and its near 50,000 residents had a tornado rip through the town for almost 38 minutes. The tornado was rated at an EF-5 magnitude with multiple vortexes. The…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Tornados

    ever been scared of a hurricane or tornado? I am, but I've never been in a hurricane or a tornado. I hope I'm never in one, but I kind of know what to do if I'm ever in one.You have to take shelter, and do much more. This is important advice too. So, these are the things you need to know about shelter, damage, and the cost of the damage they do. To begin with, if you see a tornado or find out a hurricane is coming to your city, take shelter. If you don’t have a cellar or a basement,…

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  • Tornado Research Paper

    the U.S. These storms are most likely to form in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America and in an area called tornado alley. Tornadoes form from “supercells” that are thunderstorms. Tornadoes can make or “produce hail,…

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  • Tornado Outbreak Essay

    The Tornado Outbreak of 2011 was a powerful and devastating event that had many far-reaching effects. This was the largest and most expensive tornado outbreak ever recorded and caused 324 deaths. This event consisted of 363 separate tornadoes which is a record amount for a single outbreak. There was also heavy rain which led to flash floods, further inundating the victims of the storm. This storm began on April 25 with the first tornado landing in Vilonia, Arkansas. It lasted until April 28 and…

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  • The Importance Of Tornado Alley

    As the tornado siren sounds, danger is on its way. When the tornado impacts the ground, quickly evacuate to your storm cellar, but what do you do next? First thing is first, what do you need to pack if your house is damaged? Most of the population in the Tornado Alley have these supplies in their cellar. An essential supply you will need is a first aid kit. When you or someone gets hurt, use this kit to solve your medical needs. Another thing that you would need is a 3-4 day supply of…

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