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  • Wind Storm Research Paper

    Have you ever seen a powerful wind storm that destroyed houses, uprooted, and totaled cars? What are these mysterious, naturally occurring wind storms? Nobody truly knows how long these mysterious wind storms have been around. They do know this; that they are naturally occurring. These mysterious wind storms are called tornadoes. Tornadoes are very destructive and can cause people to be homeless. What are tornadoes? A tornado is a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud, and advancing beneath a large storm system. “The most destructive tornadoes are capable of having tremendous destruction, and wind speeds can get around 300 miles per hour!” (Weather Wiz Kids Weather Information…

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  • Threats And Threats In The Chemical Sector Essay

    the operation of a critical infrastructure. These hazards must be assessed to determine the significant risks and how to implement practice to reduce these risks. In this essay it will discuss the threats and hazards that affect the chemical sector and the consequences should the sector be compromised. The essay will also cover the measures taken by the various levels of government and the private sector relating to the five mission areas. The chemical sector has its own hazards and…

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  • Summary: The Joplin Effect

    The Joplin Effect Natural disasters are defined as major adverse events that result from the natural processes on earth. These events include floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic events that can cause loss of life or severe property damage. The severity of the adverse event depends on the affected population’s ability to recover from such an event as well as the infrastructure available. Weather (meteorological) disasters are adverse…

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  • Consequences Of Frostbite In Jack London's To Build A Fire

    run around in an unsuccessful attempt to regain body heat, only to make the frostbite worse (847-848). His brief loss of sanity symbolizes his own instincts kicking in too late. The failed attempts at starting fires and his conscience loss lead the man to accept he would never make it to camp, thus causing him to give up and die. The man’s failed journey through the Yukon did not come without great determination. The physical limitations he gains and the decline in his ability to listen to…

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  • Why Tornadoes Are Bad

    Why are storms so dangerous and damaging? There are many storms out there that are bad, like hurricanes, thunder storms and tornadoes. They all can be damage, hurricanes can flood a town in seconds. A thunderstorm can ruin electricity with the lighting, and tornadoes and destroy your home in seconds. Tornadoes can be the worst in many ways, with there strong winds, how big they are and how they can pop up so fast. The reason or part of the reason they can be so dangerous is because of the shape.…

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  • Personal Narrative-Destruction Of A Lake

    I felt my insides flipping inside out as I watched the winds forcefully whisk the lake around, the waves angry. The pool was overflowing with water, the chairs were being thrown across the pool, against the gates by the forces of nature. The sky was getting darker and darker as the monster moved closer. Jolting from the clouds were sparks of flashes, lightning bolts touching the tip of the highest wave and disappearing back into the sky. My toes were tingling with fear, I wanted to disappear…

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  • How To Write A Tornado Essay

    Thousands of tornadoes have ripped through the United States over recent history. The EF5 tornado that occurred in Joplin, Missouri happens to be the most expensive tornado on record. Tornadoes occur during some severe thunderstorms; winds spiral horizontally, then turn vertically, a funnel cloud forms which ends up reaching the ground, which is the tornado. Some tornadoes can be minor while others can cause dozens of deaths and millions, if not billions, of dollars in damage. Winds can reach…

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  • Hurricanes And Tornadoes In The Mid-US

    They form in warm waters out in the ocean, said Spencer Adkins, a weather man on Channel 13 WOWK. Hurricanes are a huge collision of heavy rainstorms, and winds. Hurricanes don't happen in the middle of the U.S. like tornadoes do, they clash off the African coastline and on the U.S. Coastline states Source 4. Spencer Adkins also stated that "Since hurricanes are so big, tornadoes can evolve inside a hurricane once on is on land." Like tornadoes, hurricanes don't cause that many casualties…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Ring Bearer

    The long days and nights riding to Bree started molding into each other so I didn’t have the best idea about how long it has been. I looked up at the stormy night sky dark with clouds filled with rain and thunder that blocked out the light from the stars and the moon. Lightning could be seen in the distance zapping at the ground. I made my horse go faster so we could get to Bree sooner. It was about twenty miles away from where we were. After a loud clap of thunder shook the ground, rain started…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Moore Tornado

    There's been many experiences that I have been through that many people may have not gone through. For example, the Moore tornado. Not many people can say they have been a couple blocks away from a two mile wide tornado with winds of 210 miles an hour. It was a scary experience. It was May 20th and meteorologist in Oklahoma City predicted dangerous storms capable of producing large hail and tornadoes were going to move through central Oklahoma. Everyone in the whole city of Moore was…

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