Threats And Threats In The Chemical Sector Essay

There are many hazards that can have an effect on human life or on the operation of a critical infrastructure. These hazards must be assessed to determine the significant risks and how to implement practice to reduce these risks. In this essay it will discuss the threats and hazards that affect the chemical sector and the consequences should the sector be compromised. The essay will also cover the measures taken by the various levels of government and the private sector relating to the five mission areas.
The chemical sector has its own hazards and threats that can cause significant harm to the surrounding communities and affect this critical infrastructures operation. Some of the threats that raise concern within this sector are the insider threat, cyber threats, natural disaster and extreme weather, terrorist threats, as well as bio hazards and
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Today we see that many businesses rely on technologies and these technologies can be infiltrated and therefore causing significant harm. A cyber threat in a chemical facility could shutdown operations which would have a cascading effect on other critical infrastructures that rely on products produced by the affected chemical facilities. The cyber technologies that are in a chemical facility face many risks related to ones imposed by a person looking to do harm, a failure with the given technology, mistakes by human error, or other vulnerabilities related to product delivery (Homeland Security, 2015). Also some of the systems within the chemical sector receive updates through internet based systems which make them more vulnerable to cyber attacks (Homeland Security, 2015). Cyber threats need to be assessed within the chemical sector as well as other critical infrastructures to ensure measures are in place to counter such

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