Threats And Hazards Of The Chemical Sector

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There are many hazards that can have an effect on human life or on the operation of a critical infrastructure. These hazards must be assessed to determine the significant risks and how to implement practice to reduce these risks. In this essay it will discuss the threats and hazards that affect the chemical sector and the consequences should the sector be compromised. The essay will also cover the measures taken by the various levels of government and the private sector relating to the five mission areas.
The chemical sector has its own hazards and threats that can cause significant harm to the surrounding communities and affect this critical infrastructures operation. Some of the threats that raise concern within this sector are
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Just about all chemical facilities can be affected by weather conditions such as “tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, and floods” (Homeland Security, 2015). These weather conditions could cause power failures, physical damage, or other affects to the chemical sector. The sector relies on necessary functions to keep continuous business operations and a natural disaster or other adverse weather conditions can hinder these operations. The chemical sector relies on other critical resources to continue operations such as energy, water, and information technology (Homeland Security, 2015). Without these critical resources the chemical sector would not be able to function and therefore have a cascading effect on other sectors that may rely on its products (Homeland Security, 2015). The adverse effects of weather on this critical infrastructure can have a huge impact on supply and demand of products needed. For example, some chemical facilities may be creating prescription medications that are much needed by the surrounding communities. If this sector can not function due to the effects of weather conditions than there could be pharmacies with inadequate supplies on hand which would in turn affect community members who need this medication. Therefore, the chemical sector will need to evaluate the consequences of being impacted …show more content…
The local government has a responsibility to the “public safety, security, health and welfare of people that live within their jurisdiction”(Homeland Security, 2013). They also sharing information among the different entities involved in the protection mission like the private sector and other jurisdictions (Homeland Security, 2013). These consist of local agencies such as local law enforcement, fire departments, hazmat teams, and emergency medical services. These entities care out the protection mission at the local government level. The state government is the medium between the local level and federal agencies. Therefore they serve as the higher power for the local level that will request assets if needed from the federal government. The federal government will set the standards to be implemented at the local level that will keep the public safe and allow for continued business (Homeland Security, 2013). The private sector is considered to be the owner and operator of much of the critical

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