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  • Poverty In New Orleans Essay

    Poverty In New Orleans Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, once stated, “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” Nowadays, poverty exists all over the world. There are people living under bridges, people willing to do anything to provide for their families, and people constantly dying because no one will help. Many people don’t realize that there are causes and solutions to poverty. In New Orleans, African Americans suffer the most from poverty. New Orleans has a high rate of poverty because the city lacks education, it also lacks employment, and most importantly many people suffer from epidemic diseases. Before Hurricane Katrina happened in New Orleans, the city was characterized as having high levels of poverty and racial segregation. In a book called There is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster, various percentages for poverty among…

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  • Growing Up In New Orleans

    to Virginia in the 7th grade, we resided in Louisiana for about 7 years. We would travel to New Orleans very often for various sporting events that my siblings and I would participate in or we would go to watch the New Orleans Saints or the New Orleans Pelicans play. New Orleans has so much to offer that for all ages. Many people may think that New Orleans is only for adults but there are some kid-friendly things to do. Other than the crime in New Orleans, is not terrible city. The crime…

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  • New Orleans Police Department

    For this forum I will select my city law enforcement agency which is the New Orleans Police Department or better known as the N.O.P.D.. The history of the N.O.P.D. Dates back all the way to the 1790 's and even though during that time the agency had a different name (Guard Deville or City Watch) it was created by the Spanish Colonial Governor Baron de Carondelet due to the high crime level, and to help the military fight against crime (Sinclair). The N.O.P.D. Started very small by 1817 it only…

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  • New Orleans Hurricane Katrina

    BEFORE THE STORM: On August 23, meteorologists examined hurricane Katrina on a radar and realized that a major storm was nearing. Quickly after finding this out, they informed many people in the gulf states about what was coming there way. New Orleans knew that they were at great risk for the most damage. Even though, some of the city rests above sea level, the normal elevation is six feet below sea level. Plus, to add to the lists of downfalls, New Orleans is almost fully locked in by…

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  • Natural Disasters In New Orleans

    With a vast variety of flourishing tourist attractions, New Orleans was a lively city located in the state of Louisiana, and neighbors Mississippi. Although there had been widespread natural disasters in the past, nothing could compare to the unforgettable tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. This devastating topic was chosen to be written about because of my fascination of such natural disasters, and admiration for people. My aspirations to become involved in the field of psychology in the future…

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  • The Effects Of Crime Rates In New Orleans

    issue in New Orleans. While there have been short periods of decline in the crime rates, overall, crime rates are worse now than they ever have been. In 2015, the murder rate has consistently grown, and by September, it had jumped from 113 all the way to 131 in just 9 months (Bullington 1). Something must be done. This responsibility falls on law enforcement and the government of New Orleans. More steps must be taken to reduce the crime rate and save lives in New Orleans. There are…

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  • Battle Of New Orleans Essay

    treaty called the Treaty of Ghent, the Battle of New Orleans began. The Treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24, 1814, and restored the boundaries before the war, allowing the War of 1812 to be officially over. Although the peace treaty was signed after the War of 1812, the communication took a while to travel to the United States. This caused the Battle of New Orleans to be unaware…

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  • New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Report

    than 12 hours later, more than 80% of New Orleans was submerged in water. The resulting damage is predicted to have cost $300 billion and to have taken at least 1,400 lives. The progress in which cities along the Gulf Coast has amazed much of America, especially in New Orleans. As The New York Times stated, “It is a wonder that any of it is there at all.” (Robertson and Fausset) However, New Orleans and many other cities have yet to fully recover from the hurricane and many believe that they…

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  • New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Essay

    In New Orleans Hurricane Katrina hits, from August 23, 2005 to August 31, 2005. This starts near the gulf coast of the United States and went to New Orleans. Information states that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin told everyone to evacuate to the Super Bowl Dome for safety. Many people survived but their homes did not. But, this is just New Orleans there were other places that Hurricane Katrina hit. Sadly we won’t be focused on those places. Hurricane Katrina started as all the other hurricane but…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Visit To New Orleans

    Francophone language for the first time. I quickly grew attracted to the romance of it, and in my studies I learned of New Orleans. At first, I presumed that, today, most of the inhabitants spoke the language but after some research I realized I was wrong. Still, the more I read the more intrigued I became. It was just last July that I took a trip unlike any others I had taken before. My boyfriend of one year took me to Louisiana to discover the historic French Quarter in the famous city of…

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