Super Bowl

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  • Super Bowl Paragraph

    Have you ever been to a super bowl party or seen the seen the super bowl? In this story I will tell the time when I was in a football championship game. Well it might not be the super bowl, but we worked hard like it was. Read my story to find out if we win, at night, on turf, at Dalzell Field. The whole season only one team went undefeated, the Colts. I played on the colts with a lot of my friends. My coach told us that the practice will be harder than games, and they were by a lot. We had to run up steep hills, run around a hockey rink twice, then run ladders the size of a football field, then last of all, we had to run full length football fields down and back five times with full pads and helmets on. (It got really hot and sweaty fast and I had a visor on so that fogged up fast.) Now to the real story. I was playing middle linebacker and my coach told me to blitz, but I had this weird feeling it was going to be a pass or the running back was going to break free, so I stayed back. The running back broke free on the right side of the field. He passed everyone, except for me. Soon I was like a dog chasing a cat. Finally at the 7 yard line I jumped and the ball fell on the 5 yard line. My friends and the coaches…

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  • Nfl's Super Bowl

    The NFL’s Super Bowl is a big event, which is on the verge of becoming a holiday in America. The Super Bowl is the NFL championship game. The best teams from the National and American Football Conferences come and compete for the title. This event occurs annually. The game has become America’s biggest sporting event. Over 114 million people watch the Super Bowl (Pallotta “par.” 1). The commercials during the breaks are also a big attraction for most viewers. More parties are thrown for this…

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  • Super Bowl Sundays

    The Super Bowl is the most iconic sporting venue to take place in North America every year. The Super Bowl always brings in the disgusting amount of money, and people all over the world watch the big game. Even though it’s a well-known event, there are a plenty of facts about it that aren’t known by the average citizen. Here is the 3rd part of "20 things you didn’t know about NFL and Super Bowl". Fact 10: Stock up on food Super Bowl Sundays are known for bringing food to people’s tables. A…

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  • Super Bowl Analysis

    specifically, The Super Bowl. One part that Americans look forward to, the commercials. Some might not believe that these commercials impact our lives, but they give us a look into how others perceive each other. When companies use celebrities in their commercials, they try to attract those who idolize these people and their lifestyle. Other companies play on the viewers' humor to try to sell their product. Very few companies attempt to attract buyers through emotional connections. What does…

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  • Super Bowl Commercials

    During the super bowl, the channel is never changed! What better opportunity for companies to persuade, inform and prove their worthiness to a 100 million people than during the superb bowl. The Super bowl – the championship game of the NFL is viewed as the patriotic event in the United States. With half the population watching the game of the year, the high profile businesses do make use of the opportunity to broadcast ‘sought-after’ television commercials commonly known as the Super bowl ads. …

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  • Super Bowl Stereotypes

    The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events each year, but not only for the game, some watch just for the commercials. With millions of viewers these commercials get seen everywhere and are sure to leave an affect on viewers whether they realize it or not. It is important to analyze these commercials and study the stereotypes that are being portrayed. There have been many studies focusing on the Super Bowl and how the advertisements are portrayed, since there is such a large audience…

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  • Super Bowl Betting Odds

    Try Your Luck on Super Bowl Betting Odds Super Bowl is the ultimate event for sports gamblers. It is famous for the numerous bets people can wager on. No other event sees the kind of legal and illegal money wagered like in Super Bowl. Everyone from the veteran sports enthusiasts in Las Vegas to those people in the gym locker room are getting into action. Plenty of people join and either win or lose. Among the many types of bets you can have is the Super Bowl Spreads. Super Bowl Spreads is one…

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  • The Importance Of Losing The Super Bowl

    Have you ever lost at anything? All your work gone to nothing, it’s horrible. The Super Bowl is the biggest event in America ,so, losing in one of these games is a big deal. Quarterbacks get insulted the most in the Super Bowl for bad plays,throws, etc. Even in the Super Bowl where over a million people are watching. No one wants to be on the losing team. Especially in the biggest event in America. If there’s a winning team, there's a losing team. So when you lose, how do you act?…

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  • Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

    Super Bowl commercials have become as much of the big game day experience as the game itself. From Budweiser to Ford to Doritos, the anticipation of how products will be rolled out during the Super Bowl is talked about for weeks before the game and even afterwards. All of America seems to be talking about and looking forward to seeing what appears on our television screen during those few short minutes in between the intense battle of the two opposing teams. It is sort of the Academy Award…

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  • Super Bowl Game Analysis

    As you probably already know the Super Bowl is a massive event where two of the best football teams in the NFL take each other on head to head. This year was Super Bowl 51 and the New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons haven’t ever won a Super Bowl, but they were looking to do so on February 5th in front of 115.5 million people. The Patriots had already won four Super Bowl titles but weren’t going to stop there. The coaches of this team are Bill Belichick…

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