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  • Nfl's Super Bowl

    The NFL’s Super Bowl is a big event, which is on the verge of becoming a holiday in America. The Super Bowl is the NFL championship game. The best teams from the National and American Football Conferences come and compete for the title. This event occurs annually. The game has become America’s biggest sporting event. Over 114 million people watch the Super Bowl (Pallotta “par.” 1). The commercials during the breaks are also a big attraction for most viewers. More parties are thrown for this event than any other event. People tend to eat as much food as on Thanksgiving during Super Bowl parties. A Super Bowl watch party was held at George’s on the Texas State University campus. People engage in the Super Bowl as a source of entertainment, but the ultimate outcome is a positive community confirmation for football fans. The fans shape the community by creating a competitive atmosphere, an environment for people to mobilize around their common interest, but the fans secondary goal is to encourage casual viewers to take part in the experience. As the fans enter George’s there is a shift in the general atmosphere. Social inhibitions are no longer a factor here. The fans were less self-aware and more carefree. Some were very passionate about the game and…

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  • Super Bowl Analysis

    specifically, The Super Bowl. One part that Americans look forward to, the commercials. Some might not believe that these commercials impact our lives, but they give us a look into how others perceive each other. When companies use celebrities in their commercials, they try to attract those who idolize these people and their lifestyle. Other companies play on the viewers' humor to try to sell their product. Very few companies attempt to attract buyers through emotional connections. What does…

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  • Super Bowl Stereotypes

    The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events each year, but not only for the game, some watch just for the commercials. With millions of viewers these commercials get seen everywhere and are sure to leave an affect on viewers whether they realize it or not. It is important to analyze these commercials and study the stereotypes that are being portrayed. There have been many studies focusing on the Super Bowl and how the advertisements are portrayed, since there is such a large audience…

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  • Super Bowl Advertisement Summary

    The video advertisement that can be accessed from the link above is the Carl’s Jr. ad that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The advertisement introduced the fast food company’s new “all natural” burger with the help of a seemingly naked female model. The advertisement is directed towards heterosexual men. After watching the advertisement for just a few seconds it already becomes clear who the target audience is. The target audience of this ad is clearly heterosexual men. This stays true…

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  • Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials

    Budweiser is always one to impress with Super Bowl commercials. In the past years, they have had some of the top Super Bowl commercials ever. To have the best commercial takes a lot due to the fact that hundreds of companies are in competition. In 2014, the commercial called, “Best Buds,” aired during Super Bowl XLVIII. Millions of viewers worldwide watching the Super Bowl saw this commercial and loved it. Budweiser wanted a commercial that could be the best but that could also send people a…

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  • The Benefits Of The Super Bowl

    Every year millions of individuals gather around their television to watch the Super Bowl, an all-out battle of two teams fighting for a trophy and recognition as world champions. The friends, families, co-workers, and any other large groups of people use this connection of football to bond and gain enjoyment out of the event produced by large corporations. While people are using this enjoyment to brighten their mood and have a good time, corporations are profiting large amounts of money at time…

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  • Super Bowl Advertisements Analysis

    As indicated by the Official Journal of The Academy of Pediatrics liquor and tobacco are the two greatest dangers to adolescents. These two substances have an effect on adolescents and different substances that they will likely use in the future. “A preadolescent or adolescent who smokes tobacco or drinks alcohol is 65 times more likely to use marijuana, for example, than someone who abstains” (APA 2012). Commercials regularly promote different liquors and the use of these sales go up in the…

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  • The Super Bowl: Ethics And Ethical Issues In The NFL

    The NFL has been the center of many ethical controversies. Many of these controversies come to the forefront of media outlets around the time of the Super Bowl. Advertisements that air during the Super Bowl have been associated with many of these Super Bowl related controversies. Many companies have even been known to produce advertisements specifically for the reason of creating a situation in which their ads will disrupt the normal family oriented flow of the Super Bowl. The choice and…

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  • Super Bowl Commercials Analysis

    This year the the super bowl commercials I thought were very unique and different than previous years. For example, in the past years most commercials were very American oriented with a lot of classic american images being broadcasted. This year commercials ranged from being very American to unique and different. In a very broad sense, the target audience was 25-35 year old men and families throughout America. The commercials were a lot for beer, insurance, skittles and food/drinks which are all…

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  • Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

    Of all the 2016 Super Bowl commercials, the commercial I have concluded the most effective is the Hyundai commercial with Kevin Hart. However, effective is a subjective word in this case, but the criteria used in my perspective of it is that the commercial created a connection with the viewer, was able to be memorable, and set itself apart as more than “just a product”. Through a mix of storytelling, playfulness, and outrageous acts; Hyundai was able to achieve and surpass those criteria. The…

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