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  • The Great War: The Stanley Cup (WWI)

    The first Canadian unit committed to battle in the Great War. The Great War was also called as World War 1. Nine million people died on the battle field in the war. The Canadian light infantry were made by an idea of Andrew Hamilton Gault, and Lieutenant Colonel Francis Farquhar. Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry was involved in five major battles. On the 10th of August of 1914 was made. Canada was alliance with the British Empire, Serbia, Russia, and France against the German and Austro-Hungarian empires during the Great War. In the war 60,000 Canadian’s lost their lives during the battle and the war. Canada had a lot of solders that went to battle in the Great…

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  • Vimy Ridge History Essay

    Vimy Ridge is an escarpment and it was where the battle occurred. Canadian Corps had to take control of the high ground to get an advantage but it was already held down by the German Sixth Army. This proved to be a difficult task and Canadian Corps underwent weeks of training to prepare for this battle. Victory was highly dependent on the heavy artillery fire so they could use it as cover. In the end, Canada came out on top but many people died and to this day, many of the soldiers still don’t…

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  • The Book Of Salt And Exile According To Julia By Gisele Pineau

    In exploring such a poignant topic as exile, one must first examine the group of people most likely to be subjected to exile. Often, this group tends to be the socially observed “other.” What an other is can change drastically depending on who is defining it, and to whom they’re assigning the term. As we’ve seen in both Book of Salt by Monique Truong, and Exile According to Julia by Gisele Pineau, the characters Bihn and Man Ya represent comparable, but fundamentally different ideas of the other…

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  • The Obama Effect

    The ‘Obama effect’, a decrease of implicit anti-black evaluative bias after exposure to Barak Obama, first became apparent during the 2008 presidential primaries. Initially it was not clear that this reduction was in reaction to Obama specifically however, follow-up research later confirmed this. In 2011, a study was conducted which provided evidence of this effect at the beginning of his presidency. As the study was conducted some years later, researchers were faced with the challenge to revert…

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  • Police Brutality In Praying For Sheetrock

    Police Brutality is something that we have become unfortunately familiar with in this day and age. Many websites, newspaper articles, and news broadcasts educate the public on these reoccurring events. Many protests quickly follow these reports as people are outraged on these never ending incidents. Most of these incidents are due to racial discrimination and almost all are towards the Black population in America. In Praying for Sheetrock, we learn about McIntosh County in Georgia and the…

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  • Anglophone Confederation In Canada

    relationship between Lower Canada 's French Canadian and British Canadian communities in the 1830s. This is because of both the languages were not well respected to one another. There relations were not working well together. As in employment, French-Canadian Quebecers were earning the lowest wage in all of the ethnic groups in Canada. Other complaints were that the top jobs in Quebec were given most to English speaking Canadians. That’s when the Francophone-Anglophone alliance was formed by…

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  • Bill 101 Analysis

    Bill 101’s success may have killed the idea of independence. Many of the measureable societal issues such as income equality between Francophones and Anglophones had disappeared. The neo-nationalists wanted political action on the concerns of: the subordination of French Canadians in Quebec’s economy, the tendency of immigrants to choose English as the language of daily use in homes, workplaces, and schools; and the little need for Anglophone Quebec to learn French. All of these concerns were…

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  • Vimy Ridge Letters

    written by John Leslie McNaughton, a Canadian soldier who served in World War. John joined the Canadian army in June, 1915, and was appointed overseas for one year, before his capture and imprisonment on May, 1917. 15 of the letters he wrote, including four he wrote after the battle of Vimy Ridge were recovered after the war. This specific letter was written in France, on 21st April 1917, days after Vimy Ridge, a month before his confinement, and later published online on the website Canadian…

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  • Battle Of Vimy Ridge Essay

    stage of the First World War, but will forever hold a significant place in Canadian history and its citizens. As once said by the Honorable Julian Fantino, "The Battle of Vimy Ridge remains…

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  • Book Review: What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Racial Profiling

    We like to think of ourselves, the USA as a democratic land where people are free. It is also understood freedom comes at a price. Our history is rich with people fighting for all, giving us all a chance to be protected and equal. Bills are proposed, and then become law. The intent is to make us a stronger, better nation. In theory, it sounds simple and majestic; however, in reality it is complicated. 318 million people have different opinions, ideas, needs, and values. After the bills…

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