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  • Conscription Crisis

    The year of 1944 led the nation of Canada into despair over the issue of the WW2. The current situation at that times steered people to believe that Conscription was the only solution to the problem. Conscription was the compulsory enrollment in armed forces which had once tore apart the nation of Canada back in 1917. The after math of was that the conscription crisis of 1944 in Canada, which was an unnecessary action that created bitter disputes between the French & English citizens, which reduced the war effort and also tested the Governments decision-making from preventing another civil disorder within the nation. Also the Conscripts weren’t needed overseas due the large amounts of active volunteers in the war, which allowed Canada to still…

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  • Anglophone Confederation In Canada

    confederation was a good thing because they had the right to use French or English in Parliaments. But unfortunately the bilingual was not working together in Canada since the Regulation 17 enacted. That made Quebec aware that they…

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  • Analysis Of Canadian Please By Andrew Gunadie

    Final Exam: Examining the video’s by Andrew Gunadie Canada is a great country with an unimaginable number of qualities. However, many outsiders have a different perception of what it truly means to be Canadian. They connect Canada with things like “snow”, “Beavers” and the constant use of “eh”. Yet Canada is much more than what meets the eye, there are many values to being Canadian that other countries may not provided for their citizens. In the video “Canadian, Please” and “He’ll never be a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Conscription

    Conscription is the enforced enlistment of citizens for military service. Conscription was used in both World War I and World War II creating a divide between the English and French Canadians. Majority of French Canadians did not agree with conscription in either war. They found that it would be both unnecessary and unsuccessful. In WWI many soldiers and politicians realized the war would not end quickly. People learned of the conditions in the trenches and number of casualties in Europe, which…

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  • Changing Seventies In Canada

    street, apartment or rural post office which the letters were going to. This postal code system is so effective that it is still used until today. It let letters be sent quicker and at a cheap price of 5 cents. As a matter of fact this may seem as the only social event during the 1970’s that contributed to Canada’s development, but there was a second one. The second event is the creation of Sesame Street. Before 1970 there weren’t many children shows. On April 7, 1970 the Canadian Broadcasting…

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  • Bill 101 Analysis

    qualitative implications The pathway to Bill 101 is one that started in the 60’s. During this time there was a cultural division in labour, accommodations for elites which were highly Anglophone, selling of resources to English and no governmental intervention. In response to this there was a lot of intervention from government. First of was the understanding that the French language needed to be improved in terms of quality to get a standardized one. Once the quality of education…

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  • Peacekeeping Issues In Canada

    discussed in class – including the recent reading on aboriginals and their national identity in Canada. Canada’s immigration plans have been one of the main topics discussed throughout 2015. The federal government has arranged to bring in over 20,000 refugees from Syria within the next few months while also contributing an added $100 million to aid the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in efforts to help the Syrian refugees meet their daily needs (Fitz-Morris, 2015). However,…

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  • Canada's Constitutional History

    Additionally, the strict practices of English civil and criminal law the Act entailed were exchanged once again in favour of French civil and criminal law. The civil authority, however, was created into military authority and the test oath was implemented limiting and banning French Canadian form serving in government or holding any position of authority.…

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  • French Canadian Identity Analysis

    While surveying the historical and cultural context of Quebec as well as the various language debates that have occurred over time, one may notice that certain themes continue to reemerge. Reoccurring themes such as French-Canadian identity, survival, nationalism, and sovereignty span a large period of history and can be applied in both a modern and historical context and are applicable to many peoples, both francophone and others, who have lived in Quebec and in other French speaking areas…

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  • Louis Riel: A Hero

    Magnificent, courageous, passionate, diligent, gallant, heroic are all words that define Louis Riel, and his outstanding actions that have made a very positive impact to Canada's history and the proud Métis nation! Louis Riel was a very important person that accomplished so many groundbreaking achievements in a peaceful, respectful way. There are many reasons that prove evidently that Louis Riel was a hero, some of his achievements included him and the Métis becoming the foundation to the…

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