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  • Personal Narrative: My First Youth Football Game

    Background: One Saturday morning in august the first game of the season I attended Midway Park for their open day youth football game of the 8u team and the temperature was about 90 degree and while watching the game after 30 minutes into the game one of the official when down on the field. I was call to the field to administer aid to him. Action: I ran to the field and notice that official had when down due to dehydration and a lack of proper water or Gatorade before entering the field to…

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  • Why Is Football So Dangerous

    Is Football So Dangerous? Football; the most dangerous sport in the world. Unfortunately, football is the downfall of many great athletes that ruin their lives forever. But getting rid of this sport in the United States is almost nearly impossible. This is due to the fact that football is very popular nowadays. People start young and play their whole lives. What restrictions should U.S citizens implement to make it safer? Football is indeed the most dangerous sport…

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  • Athletes Are Overpaid

    Athletes in the major professional sports are getting paid far too much. The New England Patriots quarterback named, Tom Brady is a perfect example of the amount of money one elite athlete can make in the National Football League. These athletes are having millions of dollars that are being tossed all around them. The salary amounts is a good representation of something terrible about our society. The large amount of money that these athletes are making may not always go to good use. Many…

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  • Ehab Jawergy Research Paper

    As a student writing an interviewing essay for my English class. I interviewed Ehab Gawergy, who is my dad and a professional soccer player. Ehab is now 46 years old and has a family of 2 boys (Gerges and Beshoy) and his wife, Suzan. Ehab is from Cairo, Egypt and came with his family to the U.S in july of 2009. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his family. Ehab was a great soccer player and played as professional soccer player when he was twenty. Soccer to Ehab was not only a sport, but…

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  • Essay On Why College Football Players Should Be Paid

    Do you think that college football players should get paid while still in college? There have been many debates on this topic with people thinking it will have a negative impact on the college football games like it will turn into the NFL (National Football League). Issues of gambling will come to people’s minds when paying college football players like point shaving. Many universities make a lot of money off their football programs. It’s fair to say that players should get some money from the…

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  • Football Hooliganism In Sports

    Football hooliganism Among all the games, football is famous for its large groups of supporters. The funs of this game are mostly men and youths. Over the years the passion of the game has gone overboard as there have been incidence of funs committing suicide after the team they support lose in a march, others have killed other funs who support the opponents team. New programs and initiatives like sports gambling have greatly attracted new funs to football .Surprisingly, this days females have…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Logos In Get Football Out Of Our Universities

    “Get Football Out of Our Universities” Should football be in our universities? In “Get Football Out of Our Universities”, the author, Steven Salzburg, attempts to argue that football shouldn’t be in our colleges and universities. This is not a persuasive essay because he doesn’t try to force his opinion on you but rather to argue the facts. He states facts that might in return make you change your opinion but his sole purpose isn’t to persuade you into anything. In this article, the author uses…

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  • Misconceptions About Football

    Introduction: Football is a national sport that has captured the hearts of fans from all over the world. For some, this sport is a way of life, especially if the individual personally plays football as a career, or a hobby, or simply just love watching football games. It is also a great form of entertainment in home, and at sports bars, as well as a great topic for people to talk about when wanting to meet new friends. For example, you go to a sports bar and a football game is on, there is a…

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  • Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

    To put it into perspective, the NCAA did a study and were able to estimate that “only 1.7 percent of college football players and 0.08 percent of high school players play at any professional level” (Morgan 1). Notice how the statistics say “any professional level.” This doesn’t even necessarily include the athletes with the high-paying salaries that are being…

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  • The Influence Of Football

    When I first played high school football, I was a tiny freshman who was lost and too self- centered to see the good football would bring to me. Now I believe football has shaped me into a man. It has taught me to be aware of my surroundings. It has taught me to listen and respect my coaches. It has taught me brotherhood with my teammates. I would be a wingman and get stuck with the ugly fat chick with a third eye any day for my brothers. It has taught me to fight for others on my team. It has…

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