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  • The Great War: The Stanley Cup (WWI)

    Lord Stanley, the governor general, donates the Stanley Cup as a hockey trophy. 1893- Lord Stanley, the governor general, donates the Stanley Cup as a hockey trophy. Lord Stanley, bought a 7” high and 11” wide silver cup (the Stanley Cup) what had cost 10 guineas. (What is $50) In 1926 the Stanley cup became the national trophy for the national hockey league. He donated the Stanley cup because of that he thought that there should be a challenge cup for the league. The first Stanley cup was play on March 22 1894, and it was played in Montreal. The cup was won and give to the Montreal AAA with their defeat over the Ottawa generals. Lord Stanley was born on the 15th of January of 1841, and he died on 14th of June of 1908. Princess…

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  • Coca Cola Campaign Analysis

    Coca-Cola became the official sponsor of the FIFA 2014 World Cup that was held in Brazil. In this campaign, the company took advantage of the international football fans who were enthusiastic about the game. The use of football as a unifying sport allowed Coca-Cola to reach fans from over 90 countries (Minguez, 2014). As compared to Pepsi’s campaign, Coca-Cola had a greater impact on the soccer fans because it made use of…

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  • 12th Man Argumentative Essay

    during a Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints, with a then record-setting 137.6 dB. (Wilson) This was all due to the Seahawks promoting how important the ‘12th Man’ is to the organizations success. Merchandising the ’12 Man’ product has been an interesting road for the Seahawks. Due to the trademark agreement the Seahawks are allowed to use the ‘12th Man’ phrase, but the contract agreement forbids them from selling gear with the phrase on it. That caused a lot of shirts,…

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  • Gender Inequality In Professional Sports

    taking on multiple topics. The lack of women’s professional sports associations with substantial league revenue’s, the fan support that these associations…

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  • Cause Of Violence In Hockey

    As Jonathon Gatehouse has reported in his article “Our National Blood Sport,” the National Hockey League is an “institution that celebrates violence” given that hockey “was always about dominating or intimidating other players…through skill, or bodychecking, or speed, or fighting.” While we know that violence is common in the National Hockey League, most of us did not know that it was Chara’s hit that caused the emergence of the five-point…

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  • Perks Of Being A Football Player

    There are many perks of being a football player and one of them is money. The NFL has changed lives with the amount they pay their players. The average NFL player makes 2 million per year while that may seem like a lot, the elite players like Ben Roethlisberger who ”made 49 million last year.” If I can develop into the top defensive tackle in the league my financial situation will be good for the rest of my life. Managing the money thou will be important, because according to Forbes magazine…

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  • The Beliefs Of The Case Of Muhammad Ali In 1967

    Muhammad Ali in 1967 stood up for what he believed in when he refused to be a part of the United States Army, even though it was against the law. Roger Goodell has recently been criticized for what he thinks is the right amount of time to suspend an NFL player for their wrong doings. When Ali and Goodell made these decision’s, they tested people’s ideas, shaped their knowledge and they attempted to build a community through their actions. Ali had no fear when it came to standing up for what he…

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  • Football: The Dark Side Of Football

    I love football. I live for the anxious feeling I get as I wait for each play, for the rush of adrenaline I feel when my Eagles enter the red zone. I am drawn in by their season-long crusade, and eagerly cheer them on through each new battle. They light a fire within me whenever they play. Every Sunday a similar blaze tears across our nation, capturing our attention and commanding us to watch our gridiron gladiators. We can’t get enough of football—of our unquestionably, distinctly American…

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  • Kneel Pros And Cons Analysis

    humbling oneself before something they feel is bigger than them. Claiming that the act of kneeling has any negative connotation or that is a sign of disrespect is to disregard history. Is this criticism of kneeling a sign of ignorance, a lack of even a brief knowledge of world history? Not so long ago, in 1965, Dr. King took a knee for the hundreds of protestors arrested in a march on the Dallas County Alabama courthouse, and even today men kneel before their lovers when proposing marriage, so…

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  • Compare And Contrast Tom Brady And Eli Manning

    superbowls in his career. Tom Brady have been in the Nation Football League for 15 years now and Eli Manning have been in the National Football League for only six years, meaning Tom Brady has had more experience and time on the field. Nine times out of ten, Tom Brady and Eli Manning play each other and the win has always gone to Tom Brady team. However, Eli Manning is Tom Brady are each other 's biggest competition. Whenever they get together to play a Football game the game is also close…

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