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  • Canadian Aboriginal People: A Case Study

    Statistics Canada reports that in 2017, the predicted life expectancy for the total Canadian population is projected to be 79 years for men and 83 years for women. Among the Aboriginal Population, the Inuit have the lowest life expectancy of 64 years for men and 73 years for women. Metis and First Nations people have a life expectancy of 73-74 years for men and 78-80 years for women.( 2015-11-30) There is a fifteen to five years life expectancy in male and ten to three years life expectancy for women difference between the general populations and first nations people. The socio-economic factors on living on a reserve are affecting the health of the first nations peoples. The ability to have proper of one 's own well-being within reserves is…

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  • Anglophone Confederation In Canada

    relationship between Lower Canada 's French Canadian and British Canadian communities in the 1830s. This is because of both the languages were not well respected to one another. There relations were not working well together. As in employment, French-Canadian Quebecers were earning the lowest wage in all of the ethnic groups in Canada. Other complaints were that the top jobs in Quebec were given most to English speaking Canadians. That’s when the Francophone-Anglophone alliance was formed by…

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  • Vimy Ridge Letters

    written by John Leslie McNaughton, a Canadian soldier who served in World War. John joined the Canadian army in June, 1915, and was appointed overseas for one year, before his capture and imprisonment on May, 1917. 15 of the letters he wrote, including four he wrote after the battle of Vimy Ridge were recovered after the war. This specific letter was written in France, on 21st April 1917, days after Vimy Ridge, a month before his confinement, and later published online on the website Canadian…

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  • Vimy Ridge History Essay

    that. Canada was a nation just like any other building and improving itself, but it wasn’t until the First World War that people started to notice Canada as its own country. Events from the First and Second World War and the Cold War have shaped Canada into what it is today. Events such as Vimy Ridge, where Canada had to fight against the German Sixth Army in a battle that no other country could win. This is the fight that would decide if Canada is truly its own nation that is able to hold its…

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  • Essay On Inequalities In Canada

    When people are asked to describe Canada, usually the first thing that comes to mind are words like “polite” or “kind.” People tend to forget the way certain people have been or are treated based only the colour of their skin. Inequalities have existed in Canada persistently and still exist today. Major examples of inequalities in Canadian history is the treatment of First Nations people and the treatment of Chinese-Canadians. These are only a couple of the millions of examples of discrimination…

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  • Peacekeeping Issues In Canada

    country that people can trust to be welcoming and compassionate. Since the first world war, Canada’s participation and success on the battlefields did the most to create a sense of distinct nationhood; resulting in a flood of cultural nationalism across the country. However, in recent years, Canada’s familiar reputation for being a peacekeeping nation quickly changed as a certain political party took over the country. Spending billions of dollars to send troops on assassination missions in…

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  • Immigrate To Canada

    Historical Perspective 1914-1929 The idea that people of different walks of life all have different perspectives on decisions based on life experiences speaks true to the period of 1914-1929 as the ways that British males attempted to include other members of society doesn’t seem to include everyone else. In the period between the beginning of the First World War and the beginning of the Great Depression, only white males of British descent enjoyed all the rights and privileges of being a member…

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  • Changing Seventies In Canada

    during the 1970’s was the improvement of Canada Post to help send letters quicker to people across Canada. During the early 1970’s, telephones were expensive and most people communicated by mail. In 1970, Canada Post brought high speed sorting and coding equipment from Belgium and France. Then in 1972 the government along with Canada Post made one of the most efficient systems of mail distribution. They introduced the postal code. Before this people would just write the address and Canada Post…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Conscription

    Conscription is the enforced enlistment of citizens for military service. Conscription was used in both World War I and World War II creating a divide between the English and French Canadians. Majority of French Canadians did not agree with conscription in either war. They found that it would be both unnecessary and unsuccessful. In WWI many soldiers and politicians realized the war would not end quickly. People learned of the conditions in the trenches and number of casualties in Europe, which…

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  • Canada Informative Speech

    still are connected through the British Commonwealth. The Canadians I found the Union Jack significant enough to have it fill the entire flag, but keep it as a fade to prioritize the Canadian aspect of the Canadian flag. Secondly, I added the two known Aboriginal flags as they are the original inhabitants of Canada. The blue infinity flag is the Metis flag, originally used by Metis resistance fighters. It was later adapted by the general Metis people shortly later. The altered Canadian flag is…

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