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  • Analysis Of Attributional Patterns In Chinese Bicultural Individuals With Language Cues

    Li, S., & Brown, C. M. (2014). Activating Different Attributional Patterns in Chinese Bicultural Individuals with Language Cues. Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, 19(4). Li and Brown focused on the how the effects of language would influence attributional patterns in Chinese bicultural individuals, who resided in Western countries. The independent variable is language and it is operationally defined as an effective cue that has commonly been used to initiate corresponding constructs regarding bicultural individuals. The dependent variables are the two attributional factors: dispositional factors and situational factors. Dispositional factors were operationally defined as personal traits, thoughts, and other factors that reside within…

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  • Advanced Chinese Language Classroom

    Language plays a very important role in modern world. It helps us to communicate to the world and transfer our ideas to others. Right now I am an international student in University of New Hampshire, and studying English is my main propose here. I always can hear someone say that Chinese is one of the most difficult language for people to study. Today I have such an honor to observe a 631 Advanced Chinese Conversation and Composition class which is taught by Professor Yang. After I experienced…

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  • How Does Standardized Language Assessment Affect Chinese Learners Motivation

    The purpose of the current study is to examine how standardized language assessment affects Chinese young learners’ motivation for second language learning. Adopting the L2 Motivational Self System as the theoretical framework, this survey-based research uses two sets of questionnaires among 6th-grade test takers of MSEET in a Chinese urban city. This study uses a pre-test questionnaire to elicit 6th-grade young learners’ self-perceptions about how their L2 motivation has been influenced by…

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  • Juxtaposition In Ancient China

    soon as Arthur Sze began his presentation you could tell he was incredibly passionate about what he does. Not only could you see his passion but, his intelligence of poetry and chinese. I found his presentation interesting, and intriguing because of the passion he carried throughout his presentation. I could tell he could've gone on for hours on end presenting all of his knowledge, he jumped around quickly in his presentation trying to give everyone as much information in the short time he had. …

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  • Spoken Language In Hong Kong

    For decades, languages have been changed all the time, because of conquest, migration, trade and so on. Through those ways, speakers of one language would be brought into contacting with speakers who speak different languages. In some cases, people only borrow a few words from their own language to express their though; in others, a new language may be formed by people to communicate with each other. Therefore, different languages can have different outcomes. In China, this contact situation is…

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  • What Is The Reflection Of Erika Lee's Article Enforcing The Borders

    In the article Enforcing the Borders: Chinese Exclusion along the U.S. Borders with Canada and Mexico, Erika Lee asserts that Chinese immigration and exclusion had created transnational disputes about illegal immigration, race, citizenship, immigration laws and international affairs. She also defines and explains the significance of the Chinese Exclusion act. The Chinese Exclusion Act marked the first time the US restricted immigration due to race and class. It also defines that immigrants were…

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  • Language In Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

    culture is demarcated by is its form of communication: language. Likewise, the first step to understanding a culture is to become immersed in its language, and vice versa. The two come hand in hand; it is almost impossible to completely sever one from another. Maxine Hong Kingston, who uses language as her primary vessel for relaying her life as it was in the lieu of two contrasting cultures, understood this, and used it to her advantage. An analyses of Kingston’s The Woman Warrior reveals that…

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  • China Research Paper

    Rice is typically served at every meal, though in some parts of China noodles are served in place of rice. Vegetables are a large part of the Chinese diet and meat is smaller portions then what Americans are used to. Some popular cuisine of China are as follows: eggdrop soup, dumplings, wonton soup, sweet and sour pork, fried rice, spring rolls, wontons, Peking duck, almond cookies, and green tea ("Food", n.d.). The Chinese celebrate many festivals throughout the year. Some of the major…

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  • Intertwined Core Concepts Of My Culture

    My Culture Although I was born in China, my memory of my life there is like a blurry, monochromatic photo and, sometimes, it pains me to feel that mild sense of detachment from my beautiful heritage and culture. However, my genuine interest in Chinese language and culture is the reason why I will always persist in retaining this important aspect of my identity. Sophomore year marked the end of the Middle Years Program at our school. Our final assignment was our personal project, where we were…

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  • Personal Narrative: Pharmacy And Toxicology

    And I was also passionate in the pharmacist field since I had connection to pharmacist at Hayat Pharmacy and they have introduced me to their career which I find interesting. Since I am aware that there are long words for a certain medicines, I took Latin as a language class since pharmacy is one of my career options and it can help me in the medical field. If I earn a major in this field, I would do my best to fulfill it to prove that I have potential and I can become a doctor and I am willing…

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