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  • Figurative Language In The Woman Warrior

    purpose and it should be accounted for no matter what. The author of the book is a Chinese woman whose name is Maxine Hong Kingston and her book is a memoir. This book is essentially about the author’s life in America and she uses elements of literature throughout her book to explain events that occurred. Kingston uses many literary elements such as conflict, figurative language, diction, symbols, and irony to express women not being treated equally compared to men. The theme is illustrated using many literal elements throughout the novel and one that will be discussed in particular is conflict. The author explains a story about a woman named Moon…

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  • Conflicts In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    that conflict. For example, the relationship between Lindo Jong and Waverly Jong has some conflicts that go along with it. They suffer from cultural differences, like how Waverly is Americanized and doesn’t want to pitch in to Chinese cultures. They suffer from pride and confidence. Like how Lindo shows off how great Waverly is at chess. They also suffer from “invisible strength.”…

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  • Gender Socialization In China Essay

    a. Gender socialization/pg. 74: learning society’s “gender map,” the paths in life set out for us because we are male or female. The path laid out for both the male and female gender in China is very obvious. Males in China are much more wanted in the country than females are. Many males in China’s culture are raised as single children and are very spoiled and get almost anything they want. The males are treated this way because they are then expected to stay with the family to take care of…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Change Of Personal Identity

    meanwhile, others say it comes from birth and what we already know by looking at our parents. In reality, identity can be defined as who someone is, the name of a person, the qualities, beliefs, etc, that makes a particular person or group different from others. Identity was never such a huge thing for me since I never thought about it, but I knew it was there. Over the years, my identity always kept changing my name. My father was the one who named me. He always…

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  • Why Are Words Worth A Thousand Words?

    When people introduce themselves I subconsciously block out their names. This is quite a problem, especially now, when starting fresh and independent at BYU, am left wanting friends, and am constantly finding myself in the position of meeting countless new people. I do, however, remember conversations, moments, unique personality traits, personal thoughts, as well as connections I made with that person. When it comes to recalling names however, I go stupid. My brain doesn’t remember names or…

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  • Personal Narrative: Helping Hard To Face With Challenges

    It is what I learned from stories about my name. Before I came here, I got in touch with my roommate and told her that she can call me my English name if she considered it hard to articulate my Chinese name. But she told me she really wanted to learn how to read it and call me using my real name. Later I asked another friend whether she thought pronouncing my Chinese name to be a little inconvenient, but she answered without hesitation that she was willing to call me my real name—everyone could…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Name

    Luke I wasn’t named after anyone special. I wasn’t named after a singer or athlete or actor. I wasn’t named after a family member. Not an aunt nor uncle. My parents liked the name so they gave it to me. It is just an ordinary name. My middle name is different. It was chosen because it is the name of my uncle. He was an athlete and my mom liked his name so it became my middle name. My last name comes from my parents home country. It means yellow in their countries language. I mom had a different…

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  • Summary Of Don Delillo's White Noise

    because there can be different names for things and…

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  • High Context Culture

    Asian culture is more to hierarchy based by following age, education or in workplace, they will look at the position. Asian kids have to get parents permission for everything they wanted to do, studies or go out with friends. In a traditional Chinese culture, Men or boys always be the most important and pampered in the family as they can earn money for the family while girls or women are just to take care of the family and be a housewife. In educational way, Asian culture are more to academic…

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  • Analysis Of No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston

    For this paper, I will analyze the essay ‘No Name Woman’ written by Maxine Hong Kingston. This was a roller-coaster of a story with high emotions and dark secrets reveled throughout the essay. Kingston’s culture is known as family oriented and strict, through her essay she shares her family story and how this culture affected her family personally. Being Chinese decent, she was raised in a very strict, superstitious, tradition holding household. She goes on to explain to us, how her mother…

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