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  • Dimmethyl Carvone Stereochemistry

    Discussion and Conclusion Stereoisomers are isomers that have the same molecular skeleton but different three-dimensional orientations. Stereoisomers are broken up into two subcategories; conformational isomers and configurational isomers. Conformational isomers are interconverted between each other through bond rotation, which can only occur with single bonds. Configurational isomers are all other isomers that cannot be interconverted through bond rotation alone. These isomers can further be divided into enantiomers and diastereomers. Enantiomers are molecules that are nonsuperimposable mirror images of each other. Diastereomers are every other configurational isomer. Enantiomers are chiral, which often means they have a center of chirality, also known as a stereocenter. A stereocenter is often a carbon atom bonded to four different substituents. The physical and chemical properties of enantiomers are the same as long as they are in an achiral environment. However, they differ in optical rotation, the rotation of plane-polarized light, with one being negative and the other being positive of the same degrees. The observed rotation is dependent upon several factors: the concentration of the sample, the path length of the cell containing the sample, the solvent, the chiral compound, the temperature and the wavelength of light used. If the rotation is clockwise, it is dextrorotatory, or rotating in the positive direction. If it is counterclockwise, it is levorotatory, or…

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  • Racemic Mixture

    One of the most important physical properties of molecules is their chirality, or lack thereof which is known as achirality. Chirality is defined as the ability of a molecule to exist in two no superimposable images called enantiomers. This means that achirality is the opposite, in which molecule is superimposable on its mirror image. When two molecules are related in the fact that they are stereoisomers of each other, but are not mirror images. In nature chiral molecules do not exist in their…

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  • Stereochemistry: Reaction Of Haloalkanes

    superimpose them. Similarly, there are objects or compounds that are non-supersuperimposable. These types of objects are known as chiral objects or chiral compound. However, there are many compounds or objects, such as a sphere, that is identical to with its mirror image and it is also superimposable on it. This type of compounds/objects is called achiral compound/object. Therefore, asymmetry of a carbon atom in a particular molecule will determine the chirality of that molecule. For example, we…

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  • Asymmetric Synthesis Research Paper

    According to R.A Aitken, “An asymmetric synthesis may be defined as a synthesis in which an achiral unit is an ensemble of substrate molecules is converted to a chiral unit such that the possible stereoisomers are formed in unequal amounts.” It relates to any synthetic process that incorporates one or more new elements of chirality during a functional group transformation. Asymmetric synthesis involves the formation of chiral molecules. An object is said to be chiral, if it cannot be…

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  • Explain The Structure Of Glucose

    CH2OH C O OH C OH C HO O HO C C OH OH OH OH OH D – Glucopyranose (Ring Forms) Properties of Glucose Structure: Glucose structure possess many individual properties like other chemical compounds, these…

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  • Contributions Of Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur was born in Dole, France on December 27th in 1822. He was the son of Jean Pasteur and Jeanne-Etiennette Roqui. His father was a poorly educated tanner, who had high hopes for his son to excel in his education. * Pasteur gave a significant impact to the world of scientific research through his numerous contributions. Earlier in his life, Pasteur worked as a chemist, and dealt with the specific nature of tartaric acid. Tartaric acid is a type of acid that occurs naturally in many…

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  • Limonene Research Paper

    control the process.2 In the steam distillation of essential oils, the boiling points of the compound are depressed. The preferable low temperatures of evaporation it would prevent the degradation of the oil attempting to be collected. ( 2 Polarimetry is used to measure the extent in which a substance interacts with plane polarized light and determine whether…

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  • Importance Of Biopharmaceutics

    delivery of the drug, appropriate dosing and prevent possible irritation. For example, an ophthalmic drug is definitely required to be suspended or delivered in a saline solution to avoid irritation. Eye drops required to be delivered into the eyes are required to be of same ph with that of the aqueous or tear fluid which is 7.4. b) Nature of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, API: The chemical and physical characteristics of the active pharmaceutical ingredient will overall determine the…

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  • Stereochemistry Synthesis

    investigation of stereochemistry is on stereoisomers and traverses the whole range of natural, inorganic, organic, physical and particularly supramolecular science. Stereoisomers are isomeric molecules that have the same sub-atomic recipe and arrangement of reinforced molecules which is a constitution yet vary in the three-dimensional introductions of their iotas in space. This appears differently in relation to basic isomers, which share the same atomic recipe, be that as it may, the bond…

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  • Mass Spectrometry

    studying proteins and their modifications without having to worry about degradation during sample processing [X1]. One of the drawbacks of this approach the need for a simple, relatively pure sample (Which usually means extra offline processing before analysis can begin) [X1]. Separation: When you have a complex mixtures of ions, molecules and peptides like plasma, it can be difficult or impossible to detect exactly what you want without interference using only MS. Because of this, we use…

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