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  • Chinese People Case Study

    A number of people have taught us that if you want to be success in your life, you have to be strong and tolerant to the obstruction that might come to your life. It seems that Chinese are the people who poses this quality. Chines people have lived in almost every countries in the world including Thailand. In the past, lots of Chinese people immigrated to Thailand and they married to Thai people. They have created their half Thai and Chinese descendants. Thai-Chinese people are also influence Thailand especially in business. Therefore, Thai-Chinese are doing business better than Thai people. Chinese parents have their own style about how to teach their children to be success in their life. According to, many…

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  • Why Chinese People Use Chopsticks

    in Turkey spoons and forks are used for meal, and almost all nations use them to eat. However, this isn’t the same in every culture. As it is known Chinese people use chopsticks to eat, and China isn’t alone in terms of this situation because here are also another countries such as Japan, Korea where people use chopsticks to eat. Whereas nearly all over the world use spoons and forks to eat, using chopsticks of some nations is really intriguing. First of all, knowing what the chopstick is that…

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  • Essay On Exile Documentary

    It didn’t feel illegal, but there was certainly a chilling aura to knowing that you were viewing what one-sixth of the world was forbidden to see. A small community of thirty-nine people attended a double feature on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 7:00PM in Angell Auditorium A to view “Three Songs of ‘Exile’: Independent Chinese Filmmakers Far from Home.” The audience, mostly comprised of older men and women of Asian descent, seemed to all be attracted together to view this film, and casual chatter…

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  • How Did Mao Change China

    leader of China. Although Mao did live up to his words by first directing his focus to the people, he soon changed and became the opposite of what he had described a great man to be by ultimately focussing on himself. This caused there to be chaos to erupt later. Mao was, at one point, the great man he had described when he first came into power because he wanted to make China seem like a promise land where people could have different freedoms. He did this by creating different reforms and…

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  • Crows And Sparrows Movie Analysis

    class system are important to the fixed nature of their lives, the home is not dependent on these institutions and in fact breeds contempt of them. The home is therefore seen as the starting place for change in both of these films. In the case of Crows and Sparrows, the tenants choose to rebel against the Hou’s, and metaphorically the class system, in order to fight for the existence of their home. In Yellow Earth, Brother Gu gives Cuiqiao the impetus to join the Communist army by first…

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  • Stock Ownership Culture

    ways people work is very different too. When talking about ownership culture and its incentives, stock ownership might mean a lot to employees in one country but nothing in another. Without a doubt, employee stock ownership increases motivation, performance, ability to solve problems, increases hard work, and etc. But does this apply to any employee? No, in some countries stock ownership doesn’t have the same popularity and effect in the workplace. It is all due to the differences in culture and…

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  • Case Study: The Language And Communication Barrier

    Amber admitted that “American is very nice but my English is not good, so I am shy to communication with America. I make too much trouble to make them understand. Nate felt that he will have trouble to communicate with people until his English improves “You know where I work in the lab, I cannot communication with the Americans until my English improves.” Improving English is one of the goals for many participants. David said “I must improve English.” However, some of these participants are…

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  • Impact Of Single Day In China

    Singles day in China significantly affected Chinese commerce Singles day is a kind of entertainment festival spreading in young people, who are priding in celebrating themselves single (the meaning of "bachelor" is "single"). The date of November 11(also as 11/11), contains four Arabic numerals "1”, whose shape is like four “solitary stick figures”. At the same time, “Solitary stick figures” are sharing the same Chinese characters with “bachelors”, and bachelors means single, hence November 11…

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  • Why I Want To Study

    explore my Chinese identity. As an Asian-American who was born in China, I see this opportunity as a way for me to return to my motherland and attempt to preserve my heritage that makes up a large component of who I am. Growing up in Washington Heights, a neighborhood located within the cultural melting pot of New York City, I have always been surrounded by individuals from diverse cultural and multiethnic backgrounds whose experiences mirrored that of my own. Despite the fact that I never had…

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  • Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress Analysis

    1984 by George Orwell and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie have been seen as controversial for many years because they feature an oppressive government. Many people believe that 1984 portrays the strength of literature on the characters more effectively because it highlights how language and literature were used in the form of slogans to control the entire society. However, readers fail to notice that 1984 lacks the effective use of literature and language. Literature and…

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