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  • Son Of The Revolution Summary

    “Son of the Revolution” is an autobiography written by Liang Heng. Heng shares his firsthand account of growing up in a very telling era in China. Not only does Heng take us through the milestone events of Mao’s Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, but also through the Hundred Flowers Campaign, the Anti-Rightist Campaign as well as the Socialist Education Campaign. Heng provides a look into these historical pillars in Chinese history in a way that the Golf and Overfield texts could only dream of. It’s a truly breathtaking account of events that are still being felt throughout the nation today. Heng’s account first takes us through the Hundred Flowers Campaign. One of the major struggles of the revolution was to eliminate the tension…

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  • Mao Zedong Campaign Analysis

    The Hundred Flowers movement did effectively “coax the snakes out of their holes” and in June of 1957 Mao pivoted, editing his message and recasting it as a call to arms against all who dared speak against him and the party. Half a million individuals felt the wrath of “anti-rightist” movement. Once identified as “rightists”, people suffered punishment that varied from jail sentences to public executions and protracted death sentences by way of exile in forced labor reeducation camps. In…

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  • How Did Mao Change China

    of the law was allowing women to divorce their husbands when they wanted to because they hadn’t had that right in the past. Both of these laws gave the power that he had promised to the peasants and he even went a step further to ask them their opinions on his leadership and what they wanted to improve. However, the people, to Mao’s surprise, weren’t completely happy with him and wanted to change some of his rules. When the power began to go to Mao’s head, he made many poor decisions like…

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  • Analysis Of Pornography: A Form Of Oppression To Women

    Within the debates on pornography, radical feminists, also known as anti-pornography feminists, deemed pornography as intrinsically exploitative that both the production and consumption of pornography should be censored. According to Ferguson (1984), anti-pornography feminists viewed that pornography as highly tied to the notion of ‘sexual objectification’; men are considered as ‘subjects’ and women through male gaze, are deemed as ‘objects’ within heterosexual sexual relationship. This notion…

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  • Personal Essay: The Psychological Effects Of Pornography

    That is the first part in the psychological aspect of what pornography can do. The next step however is the worst part for us. When these well-worn paths get traveled down more often than not men tend to masturbate and in the result of this we have the same response as we would with having sex. These chemicals can have a negative impact on our lives as a result of this. The first of five chemicals is testosterone. Testosterone is the sex drive hormone and we use this to enable our sex drive to…

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  • What Is Pornography Harmful?

    When was the last time you prayed for yourself or someone else to stop the urge to view pornography? It 's a sensitive and personal topic, and it 's also one that should not have started as an issue at all. The issue has been ineradicable since the fall in Bible times. If someone has an addiction to pornography, their focus in life is wrecked and also become passive and careless. Psychologists, therapists, and biologists study these issues. Research suggests that pornography is addictive because…

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  • The Consequences Of Pornography

    The central research is how easily accessible pornography is to people anywhere and everywhere. Pornography has effect on teens and adults with their daily social lives. The methods used to analyze the problem are comparing statics from different cites, a personal experience from a dad and son, and the consequences porn has on its viewers. My topic is important because technology is advancing, which means more people can find easier ways to look up pornography. Background and Significance: As…

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  • Nuclear Power Class Analysis

    effect of smog and water in West Virginia burning. Nuclear destroys more people if it messes and causes more harm than other power sources but has problems less often. Nuclear provides a huge amount of energy about 37 million times more than a coal plant with the same amount of coal and does not make CO2 destroying the ozone or doesn 't create smog. So my point of view that talks and discussion solidified is going to seem like a cop-out, but I believe nuclear power is good but needs to be done…

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  • Persuasive Speech About School Uniforms

    Think about this situation, you are at school and suddenly there is an earthquake tornado or some other natural disaster. Sadly most of the students are killed, later the parents are called in to help identify some of the remains. How are these parents going to figure out if this corpse is their child? Hmmm… maybe by what they saw their child walk out of the house in that morning, so uniforms actually could cause a problem instead of help fix them.      School uniforms…

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  • Vergissmeinnicht And All Quiet On The Western Front, By Keith Douglas And Eric Remarque

    War; a state of armed conflict between different nations or states. World War I, commonly known as “The Great War”, took the meaning of the word ‘war’ to a whole new level. The War destroyed a generation of men, physically and mentally, through it’s barbarity and failure to acknowledge the similarities between “enemies”. New technologies, nationalism, and militarism introduced an uprising of not only violence but a response in literature. Authors such as Keith Douglas and Erich Maria Remarque…

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