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  • Ikea's Entry Into The Chinese Market

    IKEA entered the Chinese market as a joint venture in order to comply with Chinese laws, establishing their first store in Shanghai in 1998. IKEA entered the Chinese market in order to expand beyond the western markets it had already saturated, and take advantage of the growing middle-class of younger Chinese consumers who were more receptive to foreign products and brands. Upon market entry, IKEA faced many similar issues to those encountered by U.S. stores, except in China many of the…

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  • Ang Lee's Pushing Hands, Wedding Banquet, And Eat Drink Man Woman

    “domestic” refers to not only family, but also nation and Chinese culture; and “tragicomedy” indicates the elaborated melancholic immigrant culture in both Chinese and Chinese diaspora with a light-hearted tone (193). Indeed, Lee’s bold innovative presentation of immigrant subjectivities challenged conventional Chinese value of sexual orientation, love relationship and marriage (Ma 191). However, Lee also presented the conservative aspect of Chinese tradition in the films…

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  • Bless Me Ultima Reaction Paper

    referenced as “koi” because the people from Japan call it koi, but it is also known as the carp. “The Chinese then raised the koi in their rice patty fields to be used for food especially during the long winter months, and not for pets. The Chinese then passed on their knowledge of raising koi to the Japanese” (“What Do Koi Fish Symbolize?” 1). The carp was initially used in China, then the Chinese introduced it to the…

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  • Qing Dynasty Influence On China

    began in 1644 when the Manchu people took over China and began their reign. It was not the greatest dynasty, nor the longest, but during its regime the people of China were changed forever, and it would be the last of the dynastic empires to rule. The people of China were exposed to the Western world through trade and conflicts like the Opium Wars. The influences that resulted from these exposures, as well as aspects of traditional Chinese Culture led to the modern Chinese government to become…

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  • Cultural Differences And Conflicts In Who's Irish By Gish Irish

    heard the racial joke that begins with “An American, a Chinese and a Hispanic man are in a plane?” Or how about the one that takes place with different religious leaders meeting in a casual bar? If you live in the United States, especially California I would assume you would have heard these jokes or similar ones. Although they are extremely offensive, they help show how culturally diverse our country is. Being culturally diverse, many people of different religions and backgrounds are exposed…

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  • Angel Island Immigrants

    Angel Island was home to many Chinese Immigrants during the 1910s. Through 1910-1940 the migrants would go there and wait until they were told other wise. During that time the Chinese migrants would work for their right to go to America. The immigrants would be go through hell because of the hardships during that time. This is the story of the Chinese immigrants going through Angel Island. Angel island was a Place built for the immigrants who wanted to go to America to live there. They would…

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  • Footbinding Symbolism

    Footbinding is the Chinese traditional custom of binding young girls four smaller toes into narrow and arched shape using long strips of clothes in order to keep their feet from growing. As one of the girls who experienced foot binding recalled, “ It [was] extremely painful to bind, and at first it [made] you sick… you are unable to walk at all” , when another girl “ couldn’t sleep at night” . From the memories of those who had bend their feet, it is clearly that the process of Footbinding was…

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  • Essay On The Difference Between Chinese And American Family Education

    5. The causes of the difference between Chinese and American family educational patterns 5.1 The Differences of Historical Background Chinese culture has a very long history. In 221 BC, through the "Shang Yang reform" and the powerful Qin finally unified the Chinese land. As a result, China's feudal system began. The feudal system lasted for more than 2,000 years in China. Because of this feudal system, most of the Chinese children instilled the concept: obedient. Thus China has a "tiger-mother"…

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  • Tiananmen Square Incident Analysis

    The relationships between intellectuals/students and the Chinese state have differed greatly starting from the Cultural Revolution to the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989. During the Cultural Revolution, intellectuals and the Chinese state was disharmonious while the students’ relationship with the Chinese state was cooperative and harmonious. Intellectuals had the potential to poison the students’ minds with anti-revolutionary ideas and thoughts. The students were at the forefront of the…

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  • The Jesuits In Latin America

    made it to the Chinese mainland. He would not be able to fill his desire to convert China into Christianity. Xavier died waiting for permission to land. Prior to the reductions, there was only limited missionary work to Macau, which was an autonomous…

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