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  • Chinese Immigrants Essay

    Chinese - American Immigrants There are two topics I would like to talk about: education and immigration. Education played a crucial role in my life. Education is important to improve the level of national knowledge, update the living standards, get a decent work, gain a comfortable life, and help others. When I came to the United States, as a new immigrant I encountered many problems. For example, nobody could tell me how to do paper work, how to look for a good college and how to find a good…

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  • Cultural Differences: Chinese Vs. Western Culture

    Cultural Differences: Chinese vs. Western The biggest mistake you can make dealing with foreigners is to think that everybody in the world is the same as you are and also that they see and understand things the same way as you do! The Chinese name for their country is “Middle Kingdom” as in the old times they considered themselves the center of the world, and thousands of years of such thinking do not go wasted for a nation. The Chinese Concepts of Face and Harmony. The Chinese are extremely…

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  • Personal Narrative: American And Chinese Immigrants

    of a life of new opportunity. Growing up, my life was a blend of American and Chinese cultures. As a young child, I was always unsure if I was more American or Chinese, or even both. I didn’t feel like I fit into any of those categories. Living in America, I was viewed as Chinese because of the way I looked, but if I was in China, I wouldn’t exactly fit in either because of my language and behavior. Being a Chinese American caused me to feel unsure of my racial identity because of the two…

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  • What Is Traditional Chinese Architecture?

    China has a crescent door as it is mainly found in many other pavilions along the garden. A well-known Chinese proverb states that "Individuals have distress and satisfaction; they part and meet once again. The moon diminishes or sparkles; it waxes or melts away." It is noted that Chinese people constantly relate a full moon with a contended life. This importance can be found inside a traditional Chinese garden building component called the "moon gate." This trademark moon or crescent-like door…

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  • Chinese Cultural Diet Essay

    Today I begin to discuss about Chinese cultural diet which is the one of the most different cultural diet compare to other types of the cultural diet countries. The main meals in China contains carbs and starch. Moreover, the food also like rice, noodles, fish and mantou are the main part of the Chinese cultural diet which are helpful in dieting and also aware from the diseases and infection. However, I’m going to research about Chinese cultural diet which contains some steps to look about the…

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  • Gambling In China Essay

    American communities, which usually struggles with poverty and unemployment, Chinese international students in America is one of the extremely unique groups. They tend to come from wealthy families and the number of these Chinese international students in the US is increasing exponentially every year. However, the community does face some issues that could potentially affect this huge population in the US. For instance, the Chinese love to gamble so much that it had been a part of the orient…

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  • Conformity In Maxine Hong Kingston's Woman Warrior

    Conformity in Chinese and American Society Woman Warrior, written by Maxine Hong Kingston, focuses on the topic of conformity. Throughout the novel, Kingston is forced to conform to both Chinese traditions and American society. Her mother, Brave Orchid, pressures Kingston to conform to Chinese tradition, which is believed to keep her safe and make her a strong Chinese woman. However, Kingston, who is growing up in American society, is confronted with the new American beliefs, offering more…

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  • Mother-Daughter Relationship In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    Joy Luck Club is a novel written by Amy Tan, an American writer who was born to Chinese immigrant parents in Oakland, California, in 1989. In her work, Tan often explores the mother-daughter relationship and the misunderstandings between Chinese and American culture. The Joy Luck Club is Tan’s best-selling novel. It was a novel popular enough to be adapted into a film release. In the story, Tan focuses on four Chinese immigrant families who joined the San Francisco version of the Joy Luck Club…

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  • We Are All One: In The Folktale Retold By Laurence Yep

    twenty-first century B.C.- humans inhabited the regions around the Yellow River and the Yangtze River in central China. As the time advanced, the Chinese population, culture, and beliefs evolved into a society. Then, in 1949- merely sixty-nine years ago- the country of China was officially established. However, the culture developed by the Chinese people had long been created; the beliefs of their culture had been established within their lives, well before China had even been founded. Some of…

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  • The Role Of Media In Chinese Society

    important in Chinese society? Perhaps the media can instruct each individual person of what is going on around the world, it is a very important role that help informs people about news, history, entertainment, music, and politics, which is used as a form of communication and obtaining knowledge from expertise. Certainly, most media are likely to provide accurate information to the people. Over the pass couples of decade Chinese media have gone through a rapid change over time. Many people…

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