Chinese People Case Study

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A number of people have taught us that if you want to be success in your life, you have to be strong and tolerant to the obstruction that might come to your life. It seems that Chinese are the people who poses this quality. Chines people have lived in almost every countries in the world including Thailand. In the past, lots of Chinese people immigrated to Thailand and they married to Thai people. They have created their half Thai and Chinese descendants. Thai-Chinese people are also influence Thailand especially in business. Therefore, Thai-Chinese are doing business better than Thai people. Chinese parents have their own style about how to teach their children to be success in their life. According to, many …show more content…
For example, according to, Boon Rawd Brewery which is the owner of "Singha", "Leo", and "Thai Beer" was established by Mr. Phya BhiromBhakdi. He is original Thai people who descended from Thailand royal family. Nowaday, he is already died but his descendants became a billionaire and very succeed in their business. Also, Thai people may not tolerate or clever like Chinese people but Thai people have one thing that Chinese people lack of. It is something called “morality”. From the media and the news, we can see that Chinese people do not care much about the other people. Some boss in Chinese company can be very brutal person. They like to push pressure on their workers or sometimes blame their workers with bad words. These caused a lot of pressure to the workers. Moreover, some Chinese company forced their workers to work seven days per week which means that their workers will not have time to rest. All of these thing is the weakness point of Chinese people. It will make Chinese people became successful in their life but they have to exchange it with bad health and mentally illness. To sum up, in terms of business, Thai-Chinese people have overcome Thai people because Thai- Chinese poses the quality of tolerance which is the important quality for doing business. However, it does not mean that Thai people do not have this quality but it is something that they have to develop by themselves and Thai- Chinese seem to develop it better than original Thai people. Therefore, Thai- Chinese people are doing business better than original Thai

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