Importance Of Uncertainty Avoidance In Chinese Culture

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Register to read the introduction… Chinese culture is more towards stimulating innovations and emphasizing new ideas. It is flexible and more acting than reacting on changes occurring inside and outside of business.
While cultures with very high uncertainty avoidance demonstrate their emotions in such a way that everything which is different becomes dangerous for them. They often resist in changes and worry about their future.
In china obedience to laws and rules may be flexible to suit the actual situation and simplicity is a fact of life. The Chinese people feel comfortable with ambiguity, even Chinese language is full of ambiguous meanings that can be difficult to follow or learn for other people. Chinese are good in adaptability and entrepreneurship. The majority of Chinese businesses which constitutes to around 70% -80% of their total businesses use to be small and medium size and most of which are family
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So the idea that Chinese culture is uncertainty tolerant is supported. Contrary to the traditional thinking of most of the people and authors of various studies that Chinese people are more conservative in regard to change and Chinese culture has a strong uncertainty avoidance, the facts in this section and in most of the article Chinese people‚Äôs attitude tend to be more positive toward change and towards new technology when it comes to experience change or new technology or whatsoever which is a clear indication of weaker uncertainty avoidance of Chinese …show more content…
There are numerous examples of Corporate Failure of International Chains in China because of the Government Bans. E.g. Direct Selling by AVON was banned in China by the government because of which they had to change their Marketing techniques for China in order to ensure that they still sell in the market. Even a mere recommendation from the Government on adopting or abstaining from a product can have a great impact on your sales.
Organizations in societies who are high on power distance are highly bureaucratic in structure. This is also true for the Chinese organizations as well. This means that the Banking, Finance, Taxation and Insurance sectors of the Economy are highly bureaucratic thereby implying that the process flow is slow and cumbersome.
To sum up, Power Distance is one of the ground realities in China and as a Marketer; one could not ignore this fact while pitching his / her products. If you have taken this fact into account and have addressed it properly, you are on the right side of what could be a successful business

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