The Bane Of The Internet: An Analysis

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There are Chinese immigrants who are trying to decide between their old lives in China and their new lives in the United States. Likewise, taking on the responsibilities to support their love ones back in China and the disadvantage they face in the act of kindness. As well as, keeping up with their culture and respecting their ancient ancestor’s way of life which is to be respectful to your elders and superiors. As, in the novel a good fall (Ha Jin) The Bane of the internet where Yuchin is taking advantage of her elder sister who lived in the United State and disrespecting their culture to get what she wanted. In the olden days living in rural areas of a country there was no way to communicate with families and friends abroad but to write letters which would take weeks up to a month.
Nowadays, the internet is one of the fastest way to communicate just like how Yuchin used to write to her sister but it would took more than ten days for mail to reach Sichuan, so she would write only once a month. Now that the internet is prevalent Yuchin started to emailing her sister at first she was exciting to chat with her every night. (Ha Jin 3) I think this made he sister who lived in the United State feel close to home. Most Chinese children likewise others in the third
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They demands respect one cannot change their way of upbringing of the old world they are harder to change to the new world. They also take the family name very seriously and education is also the key to success for them. To see that their grand kids did not take their school work seriously he has a reservation about elementary education in the United States. Teachers don’t force their pupils to work as hard as they can (Ha Jin 82). To leave their home in China and live with their son and his family in the new world it is very difficult. I for one can relate to that, when my father can to live with his son in the United

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