Reflective Essay: The Change Of Personal Identity

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Discovering what makes an individual can be difficult since there are many factors that play a major role on how the individual is shaped as they grow up and what they are born with. A majority of the people think identity is made up as the individual grows and how life changes them; meanwhile, others say it comes from birth and what we already know by looking at our parents. In reality, identity can be defined as who someone is, the name of a person, the qualities, beliefs, etc, that makes a particular person or group different from others.

Identity was never such a huge thing for me since I never thought about it, but I knew it was there. Over the years, my identity always kept changing my name. My father was the one who named me. He always
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Would I keep my last name or change it? Back during my high school years I didn’t mind changing it, but now after I think about it. It took forever to love both my last names and just to give up that part it was going to be hard to part away from it. Would I take his last name or keep mine kept playing over and over in my mind. After thinking about it, I would take his last name but I might just keep one of my last names which would be my fathers. If I keep both last names it will be too long and that’s going to be more of a hassle than when I had two. If he decides to take on my last name I would want him to take my first last name which is my fathers, just because it’s a well-known last name in a few towns. If the topic of having kids will ever come up, I would want to do what my parents did with me have both last names, but it also depends on how long it is. Both my last names are very long, it was a hassle for me throughout the years. I rather not have my kids go through what happened to me.

Identity is important in a person life since it makes the individual the way they are. Without it most people would be lost and just follow someone else and not being their own individual and knowing what they are really worth. It will take some time to actually start finding what identity fits with each individual but as soon as it is found life will start to get better and they can finally be themselves and not being someone

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