Analysis Of The Usual Things By Anita Rau Badami

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Identity and How It Is Shaped

Identity is crafted and folded through many aspects of our lives. It is predominantly crafted from outside factors that are introduced to the person. For example, parenting is a huge factor in how somebody interprets and determines their identity. The atmosphere and environment overall is another big decider in the way someone turns out.

In the personal essay “The Usual Things” by Anita Rau Badami she describes how she carries out traditions from where she is originally from, even though she is now in a new environment and does not particularly take an interest in those traditions. She keeps doing them because her mom calls and reminds her to do it for her son she says, so Anita feels obligated to do it. That shows that she is influenced by her mom half way across the world, those traditions start to become part of her identity.

Individual identity changes on how other people view and think about you. A person who is constantly being picked on by
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If you plopped that child in another household, perhaps one more caring and involved than the other, they will be more likely to end the cycle of abuse. This shows that identity will be directly related to how someone is raised and what they are exposed to. People who grow up in Egypt for example will have different values and beliefs than someone raised in Canada. Values and beliefs are a large part of someones identity, they create a sort of moral compass that someone follows. Somebody who immigrates from another country and another culture will adapt to the environment they have entered. This ties back in with society and what its expectations are. Parents condition who a person may turn out to be, parents create a large part of the atmosphere a child is raised in and how the react to what the child does will in turn, decide how the child reacts to what others

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