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  • Why Is China's Leading Market?

    based on the fact that China is one of the leading countries in pirated music. In spite of the digital advancements in the country that are making music lovers buy authentic live and recorded music, China is still rated as the leading country in pirated music. If China is to be the leading market in live and recorded music by 2028, its traditional values and cultures will have to shift dramatically to accept all music content locally and globally. However, this is a far-fetched idea given that the Chinese government bans certain types of music from being listened in the present day. This is mainly because of the communist system, where the government controls and regulates the political, social, and economic aspects of the country. The high piracy and cultural elements seem to be the most impeding factors in this narrative.…

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  • Orientalism In Madame Butterfly

    multicultural customs, opera has been loved by the majority of the people since it was published. Therefore, the same as the other art works and masterpieces, opera also would be influenced by politics and economics, even by the thoughts or minds from most people. Madame Butterfly (Puccini, 1904) and Turandot (Puccini, 1926) were two examples to illustrate how a style of thought did the effects. The story of Madame Butterfly happened at the beginning of the 20th century in Nagasaki Japan, the…

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  • Phantom Of The Opera In China Analysis

    Multimodal translating of the Musical The Phantom of the Opera in China As the development of cultural undertakings, Chinese people have more diversified demands on art and voices for musicals are getting higher and higher. Musical is a form of theatrical performance which combines dialogues, music, movement, lightening and sounding technology as an integrated was born in western countries in the twentieth century, and enjoyed the highest popularity in American Broadway and the Western…

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  • Musical Taste Essay

    Does this mean that musical tastes are purely an individual concept like Glevarec and Pinet suggest or are created by social circumstances? Theodor Aderno (Frankfurt School of theory) believe that our musical taste is purely social due to the industry creating a sense of need within the audience. `Modern Capital is burdened by the problem of overproduction markets can only be stimulated by creating needs`. With the overproduction of music it is creating a uniform into what music should sound…

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  • Yo Yo Ma Research Paper

    Yo Yo Ma is the picture of a modern day musician. Growing up in France and then America, he has always struggled to find his individuality. After years of rebellion he finally settled down career, he created the Silk Road Ensemble and went on to win many awards and recognitions. Ma has changed the face of music forever. Born in 1955, Paris, France, Yo Yo Ma changes classical music forever. His father, a professor of musicology and a composer, and his mother, an opera singer, both knew he was…

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  • Dance Theatre And Religion

    Dance, Theatre and Religion: A Balinese Case Study Southeast Asia is a highly diverse region, home to myriad ethnicities, religions, practices, beliefs, values, languages, cultures and traditions. The variety of performance art, dance and theatre found in Southeast Asia “is almost staggering” (Brandon, 1967, p. 1). Some examples of performance art, dance and theatre found in Southeast Asia include “shadow plays in Java, dramatic folk rituals in Bali, masked pantomime in Thailand, spirit…

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  • Jeu De Bague Research Paper

    Mique also designed a frivolous Chinese inspired structure built in 1776 called the ‘Jeu de Bague’. This was a small red and silver coloured merry-go-round, which had carved wooden seats in the form of peacocks for the ladies and dragons for the men. As it turned on its axis sounds would emanate from small egg-shaped bells suspended from under its cupola. In 1781 Marie Antoinette had a semi-circular pavilion built behind the Jeu de Bague to provide better shelter from the elements for her…

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  • Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story: American Musical

    first idea was to call his play East Side Story but this did not happen, as it was not relevant to the socio-political scheme of things. It introduced the idea for a choreographer-director, this gave Robbins complete control over “West Side Story”, but under his supervision dance had more importance in the musical. He demanded that none of the cast members should be allowed to be established stars, he wanted “slum kids”, and actors should look like “slum kids” as the characters were “slum…

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  • American Composers: John Cage's Music Of Change

    Cage continued to blend electronic noise with his works throughout the 1970s. Cage used more sophisticated computers to shape his works, the most well-known of which is Europeras 1 & 2. Europeras 1 & 2 takes parts of existing operas and puts them together and weaves the together by using a computer program to produce one piece. Although, Cage was a prolific musician and composer, he wrote many works, such as Silence, A Year from Monday, and M which were designed as performance pieces. …

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  • Vibrato Case Study

    overall loud enough sound in singing. Vibrato is an important technique in good western classical and operatic singing. The pitch of the notes quickly changing up and down makes vibrato. It is one of the important means of musical performance. Like violin, Chinese erhu and other string instruments playing with rubbing strings. Italian vocal school more likely to say: the key point to tell is it a good singing, is to see whether there has vibrato or not. (Mitchell, 2004) Meanwhile, many…

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