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  • The Importance Of Female Characters In Fairy Tales

    cardinal virtues.” (p55). Rowe makes an excellent point, which is supported by classic tales such as, Cinderella and Snow White. Charles Perrault’s The Little Glass Slipper and the Brothers Grimm’s Snow White represent the ideal traits that females are to possess such to be docile, dependent on the male persona and willing to sacrifice themselves. In cases where strong female characters are presented they are stark contrast to these characteristics and thusly labelled as villainous. Such is the case of the Cinderella’s stepsisters in Perrault’s Cinderella and the stepmother in the Brothers Grimm’s Snow White. These female characters face judgment and disapproval when seemingly possessing contrasting traits such as selfishness, jealousy and stubbornness. With such messages at the very core of these classic tales it is clear that women have been set up to fit into expectations or fear an ultimate disgrace. An archetype of this ideal is portrayed in Charles Perrault’s The Little Glass Slipper. Perrault presents the ideal female fairy tale character through his portrayal of Cinderella. Cinderella is a tame and forgiving individual who is treated as an obeying subject to her father, stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella’s joy is entirely reliant on the aid of her fairy godmother. After Cinderella is finally discovered as the prince’s lost love, Perrault writes “Cinderella took them up, and, as she embraced them, said that she forgave them with all her heart, and wanted them…

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  • Cinderella And Cinderella Comparison

    protagonist appeals to the audience of fairy tales and the theme in the more popular fairytales are more relevant than the others. This is exemplified in the in depth look at two fairy tales written by the same author. That author is Charles Perrault. Perrault infamously re-wrote his own version of Cinderella and wrote the tale of Blue beard. Cinderella is known all around the globe; from what she wears to what she says, Bluebeard on the other hand is a story that is vague to the typical…

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  • Beauty In Fairy Tales

    In the world of fairy tales, the ‘Cinderella story’ often portrays its protagonist as being beautiful and innocent, granting her the ending of ‘happily-ever-after’ with her Prince Charming. Unmatched beauty and subservient innocence have become a virtue for women, a societal expectation. This ideal for women is unfortunately what has been emphasized both in fiction and in contemporary society. In both Roman myths and modern day fairy tales, beauty is an advantageous and essential characteristic…

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  • Bluebeard-Robber Bridegroom Analysis

    This story is a perfect example of why his stories are sexist, arrogant, and poor versions of what the tale could be. Perrault’s version of the BRB tales starts by talking about Bluebeard and his unfortunate looks, unlike the other tales that start with woman. After asking his neighbor for one of her two daughters’ hands in marriage, the younger finally accepts his offer after seeing all his wealth, even with the knowledge “...that he had already had several wives, and nobody knew what had…

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  • Bloody Chamber Themes

    Fairy tales and folk myths have a long history of being told to children as bedtime stories for many of generations, and as the tales get told time and time again different variations and versions of these stories have emerged. A prime example of this is Angela Carter’s book “The Bloody Chamber and other stories”. Carter has created multiple new stories from classic fairy tales such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Snow White” allowing her to inject her own modern twist and interest in gender…

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  • Goblin Market Gender Analysis

    pentacle of her own virginity” (p. 33) in The Company of Wolves, their moral uprightness conveys upon them a magical protection against the evils to which they would otherwise succumb. They are rescued, not by their ingenuity, wit or bravery, as are male protagonists, but by “the redeeming purity of the virgin.” (p. 9) To retain this power, the traditional fairy tale argues, women must be passive, incurious, and oblivious, especially in regards to sexual knowledge or their own autonomy.…

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  • Charles Perrault's Red Riding Hood

    Charles Perrault, as I perceive his version of the tale of Red Riding Hood, among other variations of this tale that most of us have heard, is probably one of the first tales introducing a new literary genre. He derives his moral intentions laid out in his story from the pre-existing folk tales taught in a translation to frighteningly prepare readers for the events that commonly were suspected to be taking place. The way it was told by Perrault seems to be less of a gruesome tale, though it was…

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  • Obstacles In Grimm's Cinderella

    Do you know a story that is told from much different point of views with the same meaning behind it? Cinderella, the story about a young orphan child who goes to live with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, is one of those various stories. Although there are stories told alike, many are also told differently. In the French story told by Charles Perrault, “Cinderella; or The Little Glass Slipper”, Cinderella forgives her stepsisters for all the misery they caused her and allowed them to live in…

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  • Claire Battershill's Two-Man Huge Analysis

    person. How does loyalty create sympathy? Sympathy may be created when a person endures and accomplishes journey of some sort (usually through hardship). Both Cinderella and the main character in Two-Man Luge display loyalty towards others in their stories, despite their tough misfortunes. In Two-man Luge, the main character stayed loyal to pursuing Paresh despite his shy personality. Evidence of his shy personality was during the second encounter as the main character hasn’t spoken to Paresh at…

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  • Analysis Of Charles Perrault's Blue Beard

    Blue Hair, Red Hands Mystery is sexy. Although it is a thrill to meet someone new and let the imagination take over, it can be a life altering choice. No one ever truly knows another person because of the secrets that are kept by a closed lip friend, or a dead wife. The story of “Blue Beard” by Charles Perrault shows that with a beautiful bride and a house full of riches, even the darkest secrets can have light shed on them no matter how long or hard you try to hide the past from the…

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