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  • King Charles VI: The King In Plato's The Republic

    (Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d;, 2013) His reign begun at the age of 11 with the death of father, King Charles V in 1380, and ended with his own death in 1422 for a total of 42 years. (Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d) Due to the age of Charles VI being below the required age for independent rulership, his uncle, Philip the Bold was appointed regent, along with the “council of 12”. (Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d; Jervis, W., Hassall, A. and Haverfield, F, 1907) Philip was a poor regent, affected by avarice, and using his position and Charles for his own political agenda. However, by the time Charles was 19, he had still not declared an independent rule, and had to be urged by the Cardinal-bishop of Laon in order to do so. (Jervis, W., Hassall, A. and Haverfield, F, 1907) The reasoning why Charles did not do so sooner is unknown, because due to the way described, it seems he could have done it whenever it pleased him. However, it could be because of: Philip’s and the councils of 12 political power being so substantial as to be threatening to Charles, or he simply wished not to rule and was content with the responsibility being in the hands of other, among other reasons. But despite the reason, it does show that he likely did not have the capability or desire for monarchical role, even prior to the peak of insanity.…

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  • This Girl Is On Fire: Joan Of Arc

    During this battle, Joan was thrown off her horse and abandoned outside the town’s gates. She was then taken captive by the Burgundians and held trial. This began the fall of Joan of Arc The English, who were most gleeful about her capture, did not just want her dead but also wanted to use her to remove King Charles’s legitimacy as king. They attempted to do so by getting the church to condemned Joan as a witch and heretic. King Charles, who owed his crowning to Joan, for some reason, did…

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  • Bourbon Monarchy, France, And Louis XIV And The War Of Spanish Succession

    imperative geopolitical blunder France had succumbed to, as Habsburg encirclement had absolutely entrenched his aspiration for further French advancement. Nonetheless, with the impending demise of the inept Charles II, his objective would become for his grandson, Philip of Anjou (Philip V), to profit from Habsburg loss. Correspondingly, any method of a French venture to the throne of Spain would be presumed as an act of aggression by the Habsburg Monarchy, thus instantaneously prompting a…

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  • Joan Of Arc: A True Hero

    From 1337 until 1453, the French and British were fighting over who was the rightful heir to the French throne in the Hundred Years’ War. The warring between the two countries was almost stopped when King Henry V had several consecutive victories, leading to his ability to forced Charles VI to name Henry V as the successor for the throne. This was to be the end of conflict until Henry V died in 1422 a few months before Charles VI did. The two deaths led to a disagreement of who was to inherit…

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  • Joan Of Arc Research Paper

    The saint I am doing is Joan of Arc. Saint Joan of Arc was born in France in 1412. She died on May 30, 1431. On it says that “she a peasant girl living in medieval France, believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in its long-running war with England”. With no military training, Joan convinced the embattled crown prince Charles of Valois to allow her to lead a French army to the besieged city of Orléans. After seeing the prince crowned King Charles VII, Joan was…

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  • Joan Of Arc Essay: The Death Of Joan Of Arc

    included, believed she heard voices from God. Joan of Arc had humble beginnings and her beliefs inspired her to do great things. She would help Charles VII become king. However, at the end of her life she would be burned at the stake for heresy. Joan has an incredible story that takes her from her humble beginnings, to completing incredible feats of victory during the hundred year war till she met her untimely demise. To begin with, Joan of Arc was born in 1412 A.D. and she lived at home with…

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  • DBQ Essay: The Dark Ages

    Knights, castles, princesses: they were all a part of the Medieval Ages, or rather, the Dark Ages. The term Dark Ages is a name given to the Middle Ages, or the Medieval Ages. “Dark” is simply referring to the lack of events or advances taking place. The Middle Ages took place from 400 CE to 1400 CE, according to Document A (INDVA). There is debate as to whether the Dark Ages were truly that “dark”. The term “Dark Ages” is an inappropriate term as much actually did occur during this time. A…

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  • Conflict In Bless Me Ultima

    The conflict between Catholicism and natural religion is evident within the main character, Antonio, who has been raised Catholic but is drawn to the natural elements. Antonio meets Ultima, the woman who delivered him, at age seven and finds that he identifies very strongly with her and with the natural religion she believes; “she took my hand and I felt the power of a whirlwind sweep around me. Her eyes swept the surrounding hills and through them I saw for the first time the wild beauty of…

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  • Eunice Williams Chapter Summaries

    The novel begins by introducing the main character, Eunice Williams. She a is a young girl living in a puritan, English town, in Massachusetts. Based in the early 1700’s, there is a war between the English and the French, in which the Native Americans from the north are aiding the French. Eunice has three brothers, two older and one younger, and two older sisters. Her father is the reverend of the town, and her mother stays at home. The town fears that the Native Americans will come and raid the…

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  • Joan Of Arc Thesis

    The 100 Years War had torn across France, England had conquered much of Northern France. The countries were under a peace treaty which disinherited the crowned prince, and lead to King Henry V to rule over both France and England. Joan of Arc was born as Jeanne d’Arc to Jacques d’Arc, who was a farmer in Doremy. Joan grew up loving the Catholic religion due to her mother, however she did not know how to read or write. At the young age of 13, she claimed to hear voices and came to the conclusion…

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