Cinderella And Cinderella Comparison

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In life, the value of an object is in the eye of the beholder. This is the case in many fairytales. Fairytales are constructed to entertain and educate the youth. But how come some fairytales are more popular than others? It is due to a plethora amount of reason but some of the major ones being that Disney took hold of the stories that contained a princess, having a female protagonist appeals to the audience of fairy tales and the theme in the more popular fairytales are more relevant than the others. This is exemplified in the in depth look at two fairy tales written by the same author. That author is Charles Perrault. Perrault infamously re-wrote his own version of Cinderella and wrote the tale of Blue beard. Cinderella is known all around the globe; from what she wears to what she says, Bluebeard on the other hand is a story that is vague to the typical fairytale reader. The readers being children under fourteen who drive the industry so heavily. Perrault’s Cinderella has taken new heights all thanks to Disney, the theme that it has, and Perrault’s Cinderella contains no violence or gore. To begin with, Disney …show more content…
The gruesome tail of a rich but ugly man sets a tone from the start. ( Bluebeard is the exact opposite of what a fairytale is all about. The happy ending that is notorious with most of the popular fairytales is nonexistent in Bluebeard. Bluebeard at the end of the story attempts to kill his wife just because his wife lost his trust. His wife lost his trust when she opened the room Bluebeard had made clear not to open. Bluebeard proceeds with threats of killing her and almost kills her. Perrault 's Bluebeard is not child friendly story like Perrault’s Cinderella. The main character, Cinderella, ended off living happily ever after. Bluebeard on the other hand ended up dead at the end of Perrault’s story. The appeal of Bluebeard to the parents of children is not much. The

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