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  • Who Is The Protagonist In The Agamemnon

    Aristotelian vs. Modern Perception of the Protagonist Affinity toward a character is often skewed by one’s own personalities and beliefs, such as the view of characterization within Aeschylus’ Agamemnon. In order to properly assess the protagonist within this play, first the thoughts of Aristotelian theory of tragic heroes will be overviewed, and their involvement in plot development. Next, this theory, and a specific main character approach by Aristotle, will then be applied to The Agamemnon, determining who the tragic hero is according to Aristotle. Finally, the modern interpretation of the protagonist of The Agamemnon will be inspected, comparing its clashing components to Aristotle’s original Poetics definition of the tragic hero, and a possible different character as the protagonist. A modern audience is often more open to interpretation, where alternatives are more apt to be…

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  • Who Is The Protagonist In The Crucible

    What makes a character a protagonist? Is it the length of time a reader spends with him or her? Or is it a character’s tendency for doing good? In correct context, the definition of a protagonist includes, “A leading character advocating for a particular cause or belief.” Along with this, a protagonist furthers the plot and allows for continuous movement within the story. John Proctor is the protagonist of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” because he is an advocate of a cause or belief and a…

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  • The Protagonist In The Book Ensnared By Alyssa Gardner

    The book Ensnared has many interesting characters. There are three main characters in the story and one main antagonist. The story is about the main characters going through harsh trials that different worlds and the antagonist brings them. The characters all undergo changes from events that affected them in both positive and negative ways. Alyssa Gardner is the main character and protagonist of the book Ensnared. She is introduced in chapter one while she is on the memory train. Alyssa is…

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  • Protagonist And Antagonist Similarities

    different things about antagonists and protagonists, they do have some similarities. To begin with, they have different moral views, wants/needs, and personality traits and assumptions. On the other hand, they have some similar beliefs, influence, and sources of power. Antagonists and protagonists have very different moral views. Protagonists tend to have a desire to aid people in need, but antagonists tend to have a want to do the opposite. They also both have a different reason to go…

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  • Old School The Protagonist

    In the book Old School the Protagonist and I share a few differences between our lifestyles and views on school. We also share a similar trait when it comes to being competitive and winning or wanting to become better at something. The protagonists is competitive through his literature and I am competitive through sports. This similar trait we share is important because keeps up our confidence and is what provides something to strive for. The protagonists and I have our differences…

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  • Examination Of A Protagonist In The Film Jaws

    Examination of a Protagonist Jaws is a story by a American novelist, Peter Benchley. The story was originally published in 1974 , and also made into a film, Jaws in 1987. The story itself takes place in a small summer town named Amity Island where every businessman has to wait for summer in order to take more money from the tourist. The town’s business and earnings were mostly dependent on summer because of the beach. Moving along, one of the characters from the movie is Larry Vaughan who…

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  • The Transformation Of The Protagonist In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    From Equality 7-2521 to Prometheus: The Transformation of the Protagonist in “Anthem” The protagonist in the novel “Anthem” by Ayn Rand undergoes three major transformations. These developments in the character are best exemplified by the character’s change in names. At the very beginning of the book, the hero of the story is identified by himself and all of his peers by the assigned title Equality 7-2521. After Equality meets his romantic interest, Liberty 5-3000, he receives a new name, the…

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  • Protagonist Role In A Doll's House

    Come to find out, she has not only borrowed money from Krogstad when Trovald was sick. Nora also forged her deceased father’s signature on the bond. Torvald has no knowledge of her actions until Nora insists that he reads Krogstad’s letter in act 3. Even though Krogstad blackmailed Nora, he is the Protagonist character in this plot. By the end of the play Krogstad realizes he is guilty of the same crime as Nora and makes peace with her. He then mails the forged bond back to her. Torvald states…

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  • The Protagonist In Sybil's Invisible Man

    humans, let alone as equals. Each woman he comes in contact with is denied humanity and takes on one of the only two identities women are thought to have, either she is a mammy or she is a whore. The narrator wrestles with his self in deciding to either love these women or to destroy them. Throughout the novels development and the narrator grows into his identity as a male, he also asserts greater superiority over the female sex, he sees women as lesser and lesser beings. The narrator seems to…

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  • The Protagonist In Pamela Sanderson's Heartbeat Braves

    believes that Larson is “a marvel of practical ability[, as] her notes had the answers to questions he didn’t even know he had” (Sanderson 98)– and this inspires him to improve himself. Krentz indicates that Larson, as the heroine, “must find a way to conquer the villain [in Grant] without destroying the hero” (Krentz 8) in Grant, and Larson is succeeding in doing so because Grant is putting effort into a occupation he didn’t intend to maintain. When Grant’s friend asks him why he admires…

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