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  • Impact Of Colonialism In Nigeria

    the main focus will regard one major theme experienced under British colonial rule. This paragraph will explicitly discuss the key political and administrative arrangement through which colonial authority was maintained. The key component in the case of colonial Nigeria is indirect rule. In 1860, the British annexed Lagos as a Crown Colony. As a result, the process of expansion was in movement, which birthed the British protectorate “Nigeria” (Cookey, 1979). In 1900, the Niger Coast Protectorate, an area on the Niger Delta where palm oil was mass produced, and various territories that encompassed the Royal Niger Company were united. This event formed the Southern Protectorate; where as the other territories formed the Northern Protectorate. It was not until January 1, 1914, that the British Empire united the coastal colony of Lagos with the protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria (Seidler, 2011). As a result, the combination of both protectorates created the Colonial Protectorate of Nigeria. It is directly after the creation of the Colonial Protectorate of Nigeria where we see the introduction of indirect rule. It is with this colonial rationale that we see the implications of colonial arrangements towards education. Under Lord Lugard, titled governor general in charge of new administration, the system of indirect rule was enacted. Indirect rule, the key political arrangement that maintained colonial rule, closely resembles that of what is described by Mahmood Mamdani.…

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  • Similarities Between France And Madagascar

    The French Third Republic is the term used to denote the system of government adopted in France from 1870, when the Second French Empire collapsed, until 1940, when France's defeat by Nazi Germany in World War II led to the formation of the so-called Vichy government in France. It came to an end on 10 July 1940. A parliamentary republic is a type of republic that operates under a parliamentary system of government. In Madagascar, Queen Ranavalona III was ruling over a monarchy in 1883 when the…

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  • Imperialism In Nigeria

    starting first with Lagos in 1861 (Chika, 2014). By 1914, the Colony of Lagos and the Protectorates of Southern and Northern Nigeria had systematically become consolidated into a contiguous geo-political entity christened Nigeria. Pierce (2005) opined that the British colonialists adopted a policy of indirect rule, which had earlier been successfully rehearsed in the Northern Protectorate. Indirect rule involved the use of influential and resourceful members of the various communities, who…

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  • Colonial Ideology In Morocco

    giving examples here by French magazine “Africa”, the magazine “Islamic world” which has been founded by the leader of scientific mission Alfred Le Chatelier, “Archives of barbarism” and “Moroccan archives” in addition to the series “cities and tribes of Morocco” and the list goes on. We cannot talk about French ideology without mentioning the protectorate of France in Morocco, which was the latest step that allowed them to enter Morocco, after the efforts that French administrative made, from…

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  • English Civil War Research Paper

    The English Civil War was a turning point in English history and in the life of an ordinary country gentlemen, Oliver Cromwell. The English Civil War started in 1642 and ended in 1651. During those nine years, Oliver Cromwell rose in rank to the position of Protectorate because of his relationship with his capable troops and military skill in battle. While historians debate his role, Oliver Cromwell was an effective leader in trying to create a better England. Before the English Civil War of…

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  • What Is John Milton's Involvement In The English Civil War?

    John Milton was a staunch advocate of liberty in all of its forms. It is intriguing to look at Milton’s involvement in the English Civil War and how those experiences affected his later works, especially his masterpiece Paradise Lost. John Milton was briefly involved in the Puritan Revolt, and in that time he defended the English citizens through his writing. Milton’s involvement mainly took place during the Protectorate when he served civil duties. Once he pronounced himself the ruler of the…

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  • Dbq Colonialism In Kenya

    Ngugi wa Thiong’o the education for Africans was described as good and adequate (Doc.I). Though under the surface, the teachers provided for the African kids were racist. They believed that no black people should belong in the government. They brought up their children to cherish the white man’s civilization. The perspective of “Weep Not Child” is from a teacher. Ngugi knew how important it was to have a good role model for the children since he was one himself, and he was able to expose the…

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  • The Girl Who Drank The Moon Analysis

    Once a year in the Protectorate there is a Day of Sacrifice in which the youngest baby is taken by the Elders and left in the forest to die, thus appeasing the witch who threatens to destroy the village if they did not obey. Unbeknownst to the people, Xan, the witch of the forest, is kind and compassionate. When she discovers the first baby left as a sacrifice, she has no idea why it has been abandoned. She rescues the infants, feeds each one starlight, and delivers the shining infants to…

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  • Themes Of Abina And The Important Men

    slave in one of the protectorates, Asante (Abina Page 6). One night, she decided to escape hemaster and she walked to the town of Cape Coast “They say that in Cape Coast all are free…” (Abina Page 7) tofind freedom. Abina found out that she needed a piece of paper saying you’re free, but in order to get that piece of paper, she needed a job and a place to stay, otherwise the police could put her in prison. At the market, a lady offered her help “ I know someone who works for the British. He,…

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  • American Imperialism: A Splendid Little War

    Other countries present in the capital Caribbean area such as Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti and the Dominican Republic faced United Sates invasion either through the U.S Protectorate or Quasi Protectorate to spread the blessings of democracy and civilization. Despite United Sates ideals of its spreading of blessing of democracy and civilization, America, in the process of becoming a world power, was a ruthless expander, who oversaw the affairs of its suppressed nations and barbarously treated its…

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