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  • Summary: The Great Oxygenation Event

    Prior to the Great Oxygenation Event (GOE) there was little oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygenation of the atmosphere occurred in two steps, at the beginning and end of the Proterozoic eon (Frei, et al., 2013). In the GOE the surface oceans began to become oxygenated (Holland, 2006). The Second stage of oxygenation is known as the Neoproterozoic Oxygenation Event (NOE) and occurred after the 650-635Ma in the Marinoan glaciation (Sahoo, et al., 2012) (Feulner & Kienert, 2014). The NOE is thought to represent either further oxygenation (Holland, 2009) or deep ocean oxygenation (Canfield, 1998). This event is marked by resurgence in Banded Iron Formation (BIF) deposits which mark this second marine oxidation (Ilyin, 2009) (Frei, et al., 2009). The Marinoan and the Sturtian glaciations were two…

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  • Mt. Isa Mine

    Isa deposit occurred in an intracontinental rift to passive margin environment with complicated history (Hutton et al. 2012). This rift environment produced the fluid source and fluid pathways. There are also orebodies deposition which occurred due to sedimentation but it appeared late in extensional cycle. It is found that the age of mineralization of Mt. Isa is approximately 1870 million years old (Forrestal, 1990). During that period, the oldest and nominated basement was disfigured and…

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  • Trans-Hudson Orogen Case Study

    741-759 Corrigan, D., Galley, A.G., Pehrsson, S., 2007, Tectonic evolution and metallogeny of the southwestern Trans-Hudson Orogen, in Goodfellow, W.D., ed., Mineral Deposits of Canada: A Synthesis of Major Deposit-Types, District Metallogeny, the Evolution of Geological Provinces, and Exploration Methods: Geological Association of Canada, Mineral Deposits Division, Special Publication No. 5, p. 881-902 Eggleton, R.A., Banfield, J.F., 1985, The alteration of granitic biotite to chlorite,…

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  • Biological Big Bang Theory

    factors. Intrinsic (biological) causes refer to mechanisms inside the Precambrian biosphere that triggered diversification and the so called evolution to begin. For instance, (Carroll, 1995) the discovery of mutation in genetics, whereby a hox gene in an ancestral metazoan is responsible of triggering a huge morphological transformation in animals. For the Extrinsic (environmental) factors, they are physical transformations in Precambrian surroundings, which includes splitting apart of…

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  • Recombinant Dna Synthesis

    the state of having many multiple cells performing different functions. Eons are the biggest chunks of time and eras are just shorter periods of times. The Archaean was the first eon. And it wasn’t till the end of the this eon that atmospheric oxygen came to exist. Anaerobic organism were the first prokaryotes who didn’t use oxygen. Chemo-autotrophs are organisms that get energy from the oxidation of inorganic compounds and photo-autotrophs get their energy from food consumption. Heterotrophic…

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  • Sperry Glacier In Glacier National Park

    35 miles towards the east. The newly exposed rock formations began to weather and in concert with continued crustal movements, exposed the older formations beneath them. Most recently, beginning 1 million years ago, the area entered an ice age that hastened the erosion and sharp features that can be seen in Glacier National Park today. With such a long and varied past, the geology beneath Sperry Glacier includes a mix of metamorphic minerals like quartzite, fine grained siltite, and biogenic…

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