Provinces of the Philippines

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  • The Cyclone Disaster: Cyclone Megi

    category 4 cyclone. For the entirety of October 17 2010 Megi was a level 5 cyclone, the most powerful level. At approximately 11:25 am on the 18th of October 2010 cyclone Megi, currently at a category 5, hit Isabela province. As shown in figure 1.2. The island of Luzon, which is the larger land mass at the most northern part of the Philippines, was were the cyclone hit and did the most damage. Figure 1.0 shows the area were Megi first made landfall. The province of Isabela Prior to the cyclone actually hitting,…

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  • Concepts Of The Computerized Enrolment System In Isabela State University

    ABUZO Coordinator, College Research DIONICIO D. GANTE Chair, BSIT Program MARY JANE S. BITANGA Dean, CCIT APPENDIX F (REQUEST LETTER FOR RESEARCH ADVISER) Republic of the Philippines ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY Cauayan Campus COLLEGE OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY September 28, 2009 ROSE MARY A. VELASCO IT Instructor Isabela State University- Cauayan Campus Cauayan City, Isabela Madam: Greetings! You are hereby requested as adviser of Mr. Juan A. Dela Cruz, a Bachelor…

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  • History Of Metro Manila

    Metro Manila is also known, as Metropolitan Manila is the national capital region of the Philippine. Metro Manila is an area where many tourists visit with their Mall of Asia and other tourist attraction. Metro Manila is the largest urban city in the Philippines with Americanize materials. In the Metro Manila filmed by Sean Ellis, it touched base on a poor man named Oscar Ramirez and his family who struggle to make a living in Banaue Province, Philippines and moved to Manila for a better life…

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  • Film Tourism Case Study

    Hypothesis 2: Movies motivate passive tourist after watching any destinations or activities. Tourism is one of the most immediate promoters. However, without a full media support and collaboration, tourism remains to struggle on its own, left to the mercy of individual campaigns and efforts to attract tourists. 1.5 Significance of the Study The significance of this study is to promote tourism destinations in the Philippines without compromising the ability of future generations. Films are one…

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  • The Obstacle Is The Way Analysis

    Throughout the books The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe the themes of recovering from setbacks and obtaining success despite obstacles are very prevalent. Holiday uses various examples of stoic philosophers and historical figures to teach valuable lessons showing the necessary steps to take something that could be an “obstacle” and will hinder you and turn it into something useful. The “obstacle” in the way could be turned around into a lesson to be…

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  • How Does Jannine Affect Filipino Culture

    Filipino culture does greatly affect Jannine’s food habits. However, since Philippines is a predominantly roman catholic country, a lot of Filipino cultures either have Christian root or influence by Christian. During the interview, Jannine…

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  • Mt Pinatubo Essay

    Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines: Impacts and Human Actions The stratovolcano Mount Pinatubo began showing signs of erupting on the 15th of July 1991. Through a series of events Mt. Pinatubo erupted and effected the surrounding areas. Throughout this paper will be discussed the impacts, including primary and secondary, along with impacts changed by humans. Mount Pinatubo eruption was the second largest eruption in the 20th century, making it have many impacts not only locally but globally. Mount…

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  • The Phhonological Characteristics Of The Kapampangan Language

    As seen in Ethnologue (2015), the population of Kapampangan speakers are close to two million. But this number was only based in a 1990 census and no other census has been made by Ethnologue since then. Because of this, the number of Kapampangan speakers may have increased or dwindled in the last twenty years. According to Pangilinan (2013, 1), “Kapampangan is an Austronesian language spoken in Indung Kapampangan, the Kapampangan homeland, located in the northern island of Luzon in the…

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  • Effects Of Colonialism On Filipino Society

    scattered around the island, which traded and interacted with each other, but were not completely unified and cohesive (Schirmer 1). These smaller provinces were often led by specific clans and families. In fact, the Philippines has a “history of strong political families across generations” (Niu 92) which sets it apart from many other countries in the region. Before the Philippine’s version of an elite class of well-connected political families was established in a more modern time,…

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  • Case Study: The Republic Of The Philippines

    Introduction The Republic of The Philippines is a Presidential Republic located in Southeast Asia. The Philippines consists of a group of over 7,100 islands, which is an area slightly larger than the state of Arizona (Factbook, 2010). With an estimated population of just more than 100 million people, The Philippines is very diverse in ethnic groups, languages and religions. The nation is also very rich in natural resources to include major deposits of copper, chromium, gold as well as producing…

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