Cambrian explosion

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  • Cambrian Explosion Essay

    Cause of the Cambrian Explosion is an article that argues for a combination of factors that lead to the mass growth in animal population 541 million years ago. According to Smith and Harper, scientists have been proposing hypotheses on the cause of this event since the dawn of science. Hypotheses range from explosions in space to “intrinsic genomic reorganization” and many others. Most current ideas fall into three categories. They propose that, “The rapid diversification of animals in the early Cambrian is likely to have been the result of a complex interplay of biotic and abiotic processes.” The rest of the article presents evidence for this statement. A focus was the emergence of Bilaterian animals and the food web that developed with…

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  • Biological Big Bang Theory

    The Cambrian explosion is referred to as “Biological Big Bang” (Science News) or “Evolution’s Big Bang” (Science) (Levinton, J. S.1992), because of the unexpectedness presence of animal life in the Cambrian. Figures have it that it started back 542 million years ago and terminated approximately 40 million years later. This era is marked by the emerging of profuse skeletonized metazoans, an abrupt intensification in biodiversity and the appearance of most modern lives (Von Bloh 18). Animals that…

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  • The Importance Of Transportation In The Cretaceous Period

    1. Short summary of the history At 145 ± 4 to 66 million years (Ma) ago, Cretaceous period was the last period of the Mesozoic Era, right after Jurassic period and followed by the Paleogene period of the Cenozoic Era (International Commission Chart, 2014). 'Creta' in Latin means chalk and this is due to the large amount of calcium carbonate deposited by shells of marine animals thus resulting in large quantities of chalk (American Geological Institute, 1972). The shifting of continents as the…

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  • Exploding Lunch Bag Lab Hypothesis

    #27 Erick Roque The Exploding Lunch Bag Introduction “POP!” A balloon just blew up. But no, it was a plastic bag. But no one was there. So who blew it up? It turns out that it blew up by a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and… WATER!!! What do you think, can you pop a bag with that mixture? Purpose The reason why I chose this experiment is because I have seen the reaction when both vinegar and baking soda go together… an explosion of vinegar. And if vinegar and baking soda can…

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  • Chemical Runaways

    that killed four and wounded thirty-two others. In December 2007, four lives were lost and many other where changed when an explosion occurred at the Jacksonville Florida plant at T2 Laboratories, Inc. T2 was producing methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl, which is a gasoline additive. The explosion caused T2 Laboratories to become destroyed and also caused damage to other businesses in the area causing windows to burst and throw…

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  • Sawmill Memo

    Robert Walton, CEO FROM: James Babson, Organization Health and Safety Officer DATE: 16 September, 2016 SUBJECT: Summary of Work Safe BC’s report on Babine Sawmill explosion Executive Summary The explosion at the Babine Forest Products sawmill in Burns Lake on 20 January 2012 was caused by the ignition of wood dust accumulated between the belt and sheaves of the 8R-25 conveyer. Due to confinement by the guard and large presence of wood dust in the air, the fire changed into a deflagration and…

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  • Imperial Sugar Case Study

    Imperial Sugar Imperial Sugar was known to be one of the largest sugar processing plants in the United States. The company employed over four hundred employees and contractors at its plant located In Port Wentworth, Georgia, just outside of Savannah. The facility covered over one hundred acres of land and is bordered by a river. The facility used conveyors to transport stored sugar from silos to the necessary areas throughout the plant. The Port Wentworth plant takes raw sugar cane and creates…

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  • What Is Camblosion?

    The Cambrian explosion is perhaps one of the most impactful events in evolutionary history, it gives way to present day animals in fossilized forms which we now use to understand a time period that was much more complex. The period occurred 535-525 million years ago, and was a time where the majority of animals were soft bodied and appeared to be grazers, suspension feeders as well as scavengers. The Cambrian explosion occurred and with it extinctions of many of the soft bodied animals. Those…

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  • 1. What Are The Eras Of The Phanerozoic?

    1. What are the eras of the Phanerozoic? Name one important evolutionary event in each of those eras. Paleozoic The big incident of this era is the Cambrian explosion that happened 540 million years ago. Mesozoic Angiosperms were diversified during this era Cenozoic Mammals increase in size 2. Define/explain the following terms: Ediacaran, diagenesis,…

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  • Expansion In Big History

    an integral role in creating the abundance of life we see today. Beginning with the last universal common ancestor (LUCA). LUCA is the most recent common ancestor of all current life on Earth. From LUCA all multi celled organisms were created. As LUCA expanded and developed, it created new forms of life. The human species developed from the genetic material passed down by LUCA. Another form of life expanding exponentially on earth was the Cambrian explosion. This evolutionary event, began about…

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