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  • Asamba Dance Analysis

    Watching this video remaindered me of seeing this group performed at a cultural event or festival in Minnesota, two years back. The sounds or music coming from animations, drums, instruments, parents and children performing this dance make me remember the goes boo I had when I watched them dance. I could not image the performance by these kids born in Minnesota, U.S dancing and following the rhythms of the traditional dance music from where their parents come from so well as if they were born in Mankon, Cameroon. An African ironically expression states “the beauty of a woman lies on the curves around the waist or hip area.” This is attested when the dancers of the Asamba traditional music sweeps the stage of any festivals. Watching the Asamba…

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  • The Cameroon King Figure: The King Of Cameroon

    I chose the Cameroon King Figure by the Babanki people in northwestern Cameroon, which symbolizes strength, nobility, wisdom, and leadership. This piece was made during the late early 19th century through the carving of wood. The Cameroon King Figure is displayed as a king sitting on a stool or a throne, with a pipe in his mouth, and headpiece on his head. The significance of this piece is to honor the head chief which is known as the “fon”.The fon is the leader of each village who ruled over…

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  • Personal Narrative: My View Of Africa

    What do you think of when I say Africa? That was the first question I remembered you asking. As I sat somewhere in the middle of the classroom, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a series of stereotypes that for as long as I have been American I have heard and seen. The Starving children crying and a feminine voice saying donate today, that is the image that pops into my head when I think of Africa but that is not what Africa means to me. Perhaps it is because I come from Haiti, the first black…

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  • The Lord's Resistance Army

    Imagine a family walking through a field in Central Africa when suddenly attacked by armed soldiers. The soldiers force the children to kill their parents during their abduction. This is a frequent occurrence in Africa where the Lord’s Resistance Army is lurking. Child abductions are a huge problem in Central Africa because after being abducted girls are often forced to marry commanders and there are few reception centers available for care after being saved. The Lord’s Resistance Army is still…

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  • Forced Refugees In Cameroon

    In the article titled,“They fled Boko Haram and famine - and then they were forced back,” author Kevin Sieff highlights issues surrounding events of what the United Nations has termed “forced returns” of thousands of refugees, specifically in the case of Nigerians in Cameroon. Sieff informs readers of the thousands of Nigerians that have fled their villages and homes to seek refuge in Cameroon, escaping violent attacks of the Islamist extremists, Boko Haram. Upon escaping, Nigerian refugees are…

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  • The Benefits Of Solar Energy In Cameroon

    Cameroon has the resources available to be an exporter of electricity through hydroelectric power. So far the republic of Cameroon produces electrical energy from two hydroelectric stations who provide the services for those that can afford it. Out of the 1.2 billion people in the world without electricity, Cameroon is home to 10 million of the people without access to electricity. Almost half of the residents, 45%, in Cameroon do not have access to any type of electricity. And the rural areas…

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  • Causes Of The Nigerian And Cameroon Conflict

    Conflict is an aspect of war that is very often avoided for the fear of loss, but however, it is part of our human existence. It has been known to bring about all manner of outcomes from food shortages to prosperity, economic recession to gender equality among others. Civil conflict has been known to leave people with little or no time to practice farming hence causing food shortages. The Nigerian/Cameroon dispute can be regarded as an international conflict that history will always remember.…

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  • Alternative Medicine In Cameroon

    Introduction The essay is aimed at looking at the extent to which the use of traditions, alternative medicine and cultural factors play a vital part on the successful implementation of global health programs (GHP) in Cameroon. “Traditional Medicine(TM)” according to (WHO, 2015) is attributed to knowledge, skills and practices established on theories, beliefs and experiences primitive people of various cultures use in maintaining good health, preventing health issues and treating physical and…

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  • Cameroon Culture Essay

    skills acquired by man in his society. Neo-liberalism in cultural context shown by Comaroff and Comaroff (pg 279), explains that the world is characterized by movements which leads to spread of culture consisting of spread of religion and rise of occult economies and wealth produced by magic. In Cameroon, successful private companies or organizations that turn to acquire wealth especially in a short period of time is seen as occult/witchcraft practices . These believes also include Government…

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  • Personal Narrative: Cameroon

    Africa, a continent made up of 54 different beautiful countries, which has very different characteristics and wealth. Cameroon, located in the center of Africa, is where I am from. I was born and raised there. I grew up with a lot of family around, but I am the only child of my parents. I am proud to say that I was raised by my family. They play an important role in my life, and who I am today. Growing up, I was taught values to respect, and beliefs to go by. These values and beliefs helped…

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