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  • On Date Rape Camille Paglia Summary

    An article on the San Francisco Examiner called “On Date Rape” by Camille Paglia, a humanities professor and cultural critic shares her opinion on today’s dating and rape. Paglia states that it was her generation in the 60’s that “broke the rules” and opened the doors for “freedom” for women. However, she claims that women of today do not acknowledge the risks for “freedom.” On the article, she displays countless of fallacies and weaknesses in reasoning, which might object her position as a feminist. Her conclusions question her validity and sympathy to this issue and does not make a convincing argument. In the article, Paglia demonstrates abrupt reasoning, allures to fear, and she also makes weak arguments to interpret her poorly impressions of today’s dating, and rape. In paragraph 2 of the article, Paglia demonstrates abrupt reasoning in her argument, she states “Today these young women want the freedoms that we won, but they don’t want to acknowledge the risk.” What Paglia is saying is that all women today are trying to take advantage of this independence…

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  • Feminism In Miley Cyrus

    heap now that I am almost 47 yrs of age.. which unfortunately many female artists who have based their image around their sexuality.” As for grounding Cyrus’ image, O’Connor states that she has enough talent to change the world, and if anyone is asking you to do it through sexuality, they do not respect your talent. Additionally, she suggests that she does not care for herself. As a role model for women and Miley herself, O’Connor concludes by telling Miley, “we are role models in this…

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  • On Date Rape Camille Paglia Analysis

    physical or psychological harms. In her article On Date Rape, Camille Paglia proposes her advices to young females with regard to personal safety. However, in spite of her good intention, there is little in this article that can be convincing and reasoning in demonstrating the conditions of women today. In the first and second paragraph, Paglia makes her first mistakes of double standard. Paglia claims that her generation…

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  • Should Teenagers Drink Again Camille Paglia Analysis

    “It is absurd and unjust that young Americans can vote, marry, enter contracts and serve in the military at 18 but cannot buy an alcoholic drink in a bar or restaurant.” A statement made by Camille Paglia in Its Time to Let Teenagers Drink Again. Although this article was well written and made some good point I have to disagree with the statements made by Paglia for three main reasons. One being her lack of connection to the issue bring big weakness to her argument and second that this article…

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  • Camille Paglia Women Aren T Free Before Speech Is Summary

    I found the article of "Camille Paglia: Women Aren’t Free Until Speech Is" interesting to read and to think about. It points out the issue of no freedom of speech, which is one of the biggest problems we currently have [1]. The free speech movement "erupted at the University of California at Berkeley in 1964" (Paglia). The movement began in a university that does not support the freedom of speech anymore. For example, the students took over the streets when a right-wing commentator, Milo…

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  • Camille Cadel Essay

    Camille Claudel, a noteworthy sculptor and graphic designer from France, was responsible for the creation of multiple fine works of art throughout her long career. Though she was relatively obscure as an artist during her life, she and her works would later gain recognition and notoriety after her death in 1943. This paper will analyze one of these works, La Fortune created 1902-1905. Through the analysis of this artwork, an understanding of Camille Claudel, her life, her art style, and the time…

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  • Mamilieen Luce Research Paper

    of Maximilien Luce’s most famous pieces of art, is “Notre-Dame”(1901). This painting was sold in May 2011 for 4,200,000, this was the most expensive piece of art that was created by Maximilien Luce. Another very well-known painting is, “Etude d’Homme, Pécheur”, this painting displays the backside a fisherman who is at work. This was Maximilien Luce’s way of symbolizing the working class. Another very significant painting is, “La Commune”(1903-1905), this painting displays dead bodies lying on a…

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  • Fallacious Arguments In Camille Paglia's On Date Rape

    On Date Rape and Fallacious Arguments Camille Paglia is not a stranger to writing divisive editorials. As a self-proclaimed ‘social critic’, she said in response to criticism of her first book “Sexual Personae” published in 1990, “it was intended to please no one, and to offend everyone” (20Q). Thus, it should be no surprise that she has views on date rape that are unpopular for the current social mindset. In her editorial “On Date Rape”, Paglia declares “my kind of feminism stresses personal…

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  • Susan Jacoby, One Of The Leading Causes Of Date Rape

    of date rape is simply mixed signals. The articles “Rape: A Bigger Danger Than Feminist Know” by Camille Paglia and “Common Decency” by Susan Jacoby both elaborate on the topic of rape and date rape. The two writers have much to say about this topic but each reach a different conclusion. Between these articles it is obvious that the stronger article is “Common Decency,” because her argument is more effective and balanced than that of Paglia who has a less balanced argument. Susan Jacoby’s…

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  • Plastic Surgery Controversy

    In The pitfalls of plastic surgery by Camille Pagila, Camille discusses her views/ believes regarding plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery is altering your body into your ideal shape. Camille Paglia view on plastic surgery are she does not favor plastic surgery. She believes your body should stay how it was made. Paglia says as individuals we see “woman as ingénue”, meaning innocent or unsophisticated. She used examples as Lana Turner, Barbie, Lara Croft to support the idea behind plastic surgery.…

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