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  • Maria Licciardi And Griselda's Empowerment

    Introduction Maria Licciardi and Griselda Blanco aren’t just your average house wives. When these two weren’t busy cooking it up in the kitchen, they were out stirring up trouble in the streets. In pop culture and as depicted everywhere, men have always been the face of organized crime. However, in time of need these women were called to step up to the plate. These godmothers were no sweet, innocent, cookie baking old ladies, they were nefarious crime lords driven by the will to survive. Although Maria and Griselda have two different stories with different endings, both women led a life filled with similar crimes and havoc. Background Information Maria Licciardi was born on March 24, 1951 in Napoli, Italy, home to the camorra. The camorra…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Organized Crime

    In our world, there are things we never know or see. For example, we are not sure how objects are created or what people do behind our backs. However, there are events that occur right in front of us and we have no clue about it. Organized crime occurs everywhere at any time, it just take people to know what it actually looks like. From drug trades to human trafficking, it all happens without people noticing. The Mafia is one of the major reasons of why people live in fear too. One example of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Waste Recycling

    uncontrolled operation causes big fires in the whole city. The fires in one night sometimes exceed 100. The mafia organization called “Camorra”, with a history of 200 years organised crime in Italy, seen as the biggest reason of waste problem in Naples since they have been earning from this and preventing of building new facilities to deal with the issue. Inefficiency of regular storage within the city is also a preventing factor of finding a long term solution. Collection of waste and…

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  • The Italian Mafia

    It was the second largest organized crime group in Italy. They came to the United States in the 1920s. Since then, there have been 2,500 members identified with this mafia. The Camorra or Neapolitan Mafia first appeared in the mid-1800s in Naples, Italy. It started as a prison gang and spread as the members were slowly released, hence the name Camorra, which means “gang”. There are over a hundred clans worldwide. In those clans are roughly seven thousand members. More than 200 of these members…

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  • Italian Immigration In The 1920s

    seem like a dream for many impoverished Italians.8 In the early 1900’s New York City saw its greatest periods of immigration, mostly Italians, Jews, and poles escaping either poverty or persecution. These immigrants often stuck together in small neighborhoods known as ethnic enclaves. The most notable Italian enclaves eventually became known as Little italy and Italian harlem on Mulberry Street and Lexington Avenue respectively. Not only did Italian immigrants bring their hopes of a new life…

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  • Why Commit Cybercrime

    motive, be it monetary, or just the need to have some fun (Shinder, 2010). Jeanson James Ancheta created his bots for profit, he did have some technical expertise, and he manipulated thousands of people to download his code. As for David L. Smith, he stated that the ‘Melissa’ virus was created as a prank. He was a computer programmer, therefore he had enough technical skill to write his own code. Finally, he enjoyed outsmarting others, because he began to work for the FBI to expose other…

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  • The Mafia Essay

    (Europol). The Mafia were first noticed in the spring of 1869 (Wikipedia). They first became influential in the NYC area and gradually progressed from small neighborhood operations to citywide and eventually national (Wikipedia). Giuseppe Morello is the first known Mafia member to immigrate to the US (Wikipedia). The site of the first Mafia incident in the US that received both national and international attention is New Orleans (Wikipedia). Black hand is an extortion method used in…

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  • Analysis: The American Dream And The Mafia

    York by its concentration of criminal activity. Everything changed in the years which followed with the arrival in America of these millions of poor people, who were exhausted and underprivileged such as the Poles, Jews, Italians and more. They transformed the big American cities. In 1910 alone, approximately 350,000 Italians immigrated to America and the Lower East Side of New York became "Small Italy". Today one will find "Small Italy" in many of the big American cities such as Boston,…

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