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  • Conquest Of Canaan Analysis

    The story of Israel’s conquest of Canaan can, like many of the other stories of the Hebrew Bible, can be explained as reflections of the religious, political, and societal beliefs of their composers and editors. As a historical piece, the account of Israel’s conquest of Canaan fails to match the current archeological understanding of the Canaanite settlements mentioned in The Book of Joshau. The inaccuracies fail to reflect an accurate historical model, but they suggest that the Book of Joshua is symbolic of its writers. The religious purpose of the story of the conquest of Canaan is to explain the geopolitical and geographical aspects of pre-exilic Israel whilst maintaining their belief that the people of Israel are the chosen people of God. The story highlights and explains several important facets of the Hebrew world at the time of the Book of Joshau’s inclusion in the biblical canon. First, the story concludes the deliverance of God’s…

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  • The Power Of Canaan

    Canaan, a small piece of land barely larger than the state of New Jersey, has been fought over for thousands of years. What made this tiny strip of land so valuable was its military strategic value, for it was the gateway to the continents of Asia and Africa. Not only that, whoever controlled Canaan also had control of the lucrative trade routes that crisscrossed the terrain, making the land of Canaan a vital land bridge for crossing armies and goods. While Canaan attracted many major powers,…

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  • Book Of Joshua Commentary

    As we take a look at the genre of the Book of Joshua, the historical narrative of the move into the land of Canaan begins to form and shape the foundation of what is to become the nation of Israel. The factual accounts of the timeline in the history of Israel point to how they were able to move forward under the leadership of Joshua after the death of Moses. Just as in the past relationship of God and Moses, we see that God has promised to continue that relationship with Joshua as he leads the…

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  • Summary: What Was True About The Hebrews

    What Was True About the Hebrews? The biblical tale of Hebrews reveals many things about them, but how true is it? The evidence behind the Hebrews’ origins, power, and religion prove the Bible to be true. Biblical evidence about Canaan and archeological evidence lead to the conclusion that the Hebrews originated from outside of Canaan. Records of victory against the Israelites as well as the life and fall of David and Solomon’s Kingdom verifies that the Israelites were a powerful nation, but not…

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  • Being Flooded With Water Research Paper

    father for references to a grandfather as well as a father. That’s because there is no actual word for grandfather in the Hebrew language. The text clearly says “cursed be Canaan” — Noah’s grandson — not Ham, his son. It’s possible Ham simply discovered what his son, Canaan, had done to Noah and went and told his brothers. Perhaps he sensed something wicked in his son. Likely Noah would have still been asleep at this time. As Canaan’s father, Ham would have borne some degree of responsibility…

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  • Oedipus In The Pentateuch Analysis

    1328) To better understand why God gave us the book of Leviticus we need to understand the historical background of God and his relationship to His people. About 400 years prior to Leviticus being written, God picked Abraham, out of all the people in the world, and made a covenant with him. God promised that he would make Abraham and his descendants as populous as the stars and that He would be their Lord. God promised that He would lead them into the land of Canaan. Over time, the…

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  • How Jacob Becomes Israel

    a bloody symbol to their doors to protect them selves from God’s wraith. Before each of the plagues, Moses gave an offer to the Pharaoh to release the Hebrews to end the plagues,. The Pharaoh regents and freed them. Moses and the Hebrews and the Israelites left Egypt as they were chased by the Pharaoh’s man. When they were trapped between the army and the sea, Moses parted the sea. This allows his people to cross, but not the Pharaoh’s. This is one treason why he is important Bible figure: he…

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  • Abrahamic Covenants In The Book Of Genesis And Exodus

    to Abraham such as blessing his offspring and telling Abraham that he would own land. The promise that Abraham would have a son was made when Abraham was seventy-five years old yet Jacob was not conceived until Abraham was one-hundred years old which was twenty-five years later. “And Abraham was old, and well stricken in age: and the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things” (Genesis 24:1). God’s promise to Abraham was not just the promise of a son but also to make him a “great nation”. Abraham…

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  • Symbolism And Foreshadowing In The Bible

    “they renewed their vow to serve the God of the Exodus and to obey the covenant laws” (Anderson, 40). Joshua leads the fledgling country of Israel into the temporary Promised Land, returns the nation to covenant worship, and points the way to Christ. Joshua leads the young nation of Israel into the Promised Land of Canaan. To this oppressed conglomerate of freed-slaves, the land of Canaan was “a land flowing with milk and honey” (Exodus 33:3). The nomadic herd of God’s people had entered a…

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  • Moses Book

    story of the journey into the wilderness. It was written 1444-1406 BC. The author for this was Moses by all accounts. This is a story that shows what happens to the Israelites after they left Egypt and because they were did not believe that God was going to keep his promise to them, they ended up in the wilderness for thirty-eight years. The book is broke down into first and second generations. Moses had twelve spies to go seek out the land Canaan, but when they came back the people did not…

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