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  • Torah Reflection

    understand our past and our future, and to understand God. The Bible’s emphasis on the creation of the Jewish peoplehood is the venue through which I connect to my own holiness and to God. The sense of Jewish unity that I feel while studying from the Bible enables me to turn to the Torah in times of need, or when I need to understand Jewish law, Jewish history, or my own connection to the faith. The Jewish Nation’s own connections to God display themselves in many forms. The Torah is something I rely on when seeking a deep connection with G-d, and somewhere I turn to when expanding my knowledge on Jewish history. When studying Torah and reading words such as, “G-d breathed into you the breath of…

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  • The Symbols Of The Torah

    The Torah, also known as the “Pentateuch,” consists of the first five books of the Bible to show their relations as one coherent storyline. The word, Torah, comes from Hebrew meaning “father’s law.” Though the books of the Torah are usually referred as law, it may actually be represented as the Gospel, or God’s salvation for his fallen creation. The laws that Moses has written does not save the people from their sin but the Seed of the Woman, a child born of Eve who is without sin, would take…

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  • The Torah: The Foundation Of Judaism

    The Torah, or the Old Testament, is a collection of stories of the Hebrew people. It was a part of their oral tradition for generations, until, per tradition, it was written down by Moses in the 14th Century BCE. The Torah is essentially the foundation of Judaism; it is not just the story of the Hebrews, it is the story of their relationship with God, the divine, ultimate, all-knowing creator of the Universe. To the Hebrews, and by extension the Jews, the Torah is not just their most important…

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  • Oral Torah Importance

    Address how the sacred writings of the Torah are utilised by Jewish adherents The Written and Oral Torah are very significant to the Jewish adherents as the Torah contains the teachings, covenants, the daily rituals, ceremonial practices and the history of Judaism, therefore, the sacred writings of the Torah are utilised daily in the Jewish life. Covenants are the cornerstone of Judaism and all the expressions of the covenant are found in the Torah through some historical stories found in…

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  • The Ten Commandments In The Torah

    everyday life. This paper will mainly be focused on the last five commandments and how they affect Jews' everyday lives. These five commandments are concentrated on stopping all acts of violence and crime. The intention of the Ten Commandments is for them to help people identify all sins that may occur, during daily routines. These commandments are located in the Torah, in both the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy (Harrelson 9074). The meanings of the commandments can be interestingly divided…

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  • The Journey Of The Torah

    The tradition of story has been a part of human tradition for centuries teaching us valuable life lessons and taking us on an elaborate adventure. One of the most influential stories is contained in the Bible. The most notable being the first five books called the Torah. Encompassed in the Torah is the creation of the world and God’s nation, Israel. The Torah as previously stated, contains five books arranged in the following order: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Number, and Deuteronomy. The…

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  • Divinities In The Torah And The Odyssey

    The Use and Abuse of the Chosen: A Comparison of Divinities in the Torah and the Odyssey The Torah and Homer’s Odyssey offer two different lenses through which to understand the varying connotations of the word “use.” For different reasons, the Torah’s God and the Greek gods use and test their chosen people. In the Torah, God’s people are chosen to serve Him; in service to Him, they better their lives. God’s people are His focus. He acts more out of love and care for them than out of…

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  • Importance Of A Candle Lighting Shabbat

    Lighting Shabbat at the Temple Israel of Brevard on August 26th. I found and chose this location because my friend has been a member of the temple for years and had invited me to come in the past, but I was never able to go. My expectations were that the people of the temple would be very nice and welcoming. I also felt that I would feel out of place since I had never been to a temple before. I also was convinced that I was bound to do something incorrectly. Additionally, I was very curious…

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  • Michael Molloy: Forms Of The Covenant

    In the first book of the Torah, known as Genesis, the Noahic covenant is detailed. Noah is commonly known from the depiction of a great flood that was sent by God because of the “rapidly growing, immoral human population”. This flood was Gods way of cleansing all of humanity except for Noah and his family (Molloy 298). A famous structure more commonly known from this story is the ark that Noah was instructed to build and load with animals. It is thought that anything not on Noah’s ark would…

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  • Christian Traditions In The Old Testament

    Christ. Christians place high importance on the New Testament and live their lives based on the teachings of the New Testament, the completion of the Old Testament, which is the foundation of the Jewish faith (Tasman 2016). Many Christians find the Old Testament almost irrelevant, as it was before Jesus’ time. The Old Testament contains traditions that are meant to be followed by Christians and Jews alike. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christian Messiah, was a Jew who followed and fulfilled the laws of…

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