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  • The Israelites: The Covenant

    Response Paper 1: The Covenant The Israelites were a small society that was located at the border of Egypt. It was between the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the desert to the east. (Tignor 143) The Israelites culture is estimated to have emerged in the area of present-day Israel between 1200 and 1000 BCE. (Tignor, 144) Though it was a small society, the growth of the cities occurred due to religious reasons under the king 's rulerships, in Jerusalem. Under their leadership was a great God that they adhere to. The Israelites only had one temple in Jerusalem and within that temple, the people, only worship and focus on one God. Believing in one god was the longest reigning religion. Where the people believed in only him and no other gods.…

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  • Comparison Of Canaanites And Israelites

    the Israelites had struggled with other tribes by moving about throughout the region. With this move about the Israelites, became accustomed to others, similar pattern of life, they learned to be independent and to feel free to come and go through nations to nations, and feeling strong without obeying laws. The attraction were that these tribes were urban with many agricultural goods (White, 1993). The other tribes that the Israelites took liken to was Canaanites they possessed the Promised…

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  • Disobedience Of The Israelites In The Story Of Ehud

    Reading Ehud became an example of the Israelites’ lead to exile. With the process of disobedience, the story is not surprising as I predicted that the Israelites would expose themselves to wrong influences, leading themselves to disregard God’s commandments and to live how they want to live. While it is true that humans have fallen short of sin, it never gives them or us the excuse to commit sins. Despite what God says to them, the Israelites have become an example of the disobedience of God’s…

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  • Old Testament Ancient Israelites

    Introduction How many times have we all heard the saying, “it’s a woman’s’ prerogative to change her mind”? In looking at the Ancient Israelites and the journey they took through the Old Testament I see a lot of swaying back and forth in being close to God and then far away from God. So if there’s anyone else that can be likened to this indecisiveness of changing ones mind, it is the Ancient Israelites. Body The Old Testament is full of people’s relationship with God . Genesis is the…

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  • Moses In Exodus

    God uses certain people to impact many others. After reading the first twenty chapters of Exodus, it is clear that God was still living out his promise to Abraham through Moses. Moses’ lineage traces back to Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham. God placed the infant Israelite, Moses, in Pharaoh’s household, speaks to Moses, uses Moses to free the Israelites and finally taught the Israelites of God’s laws in these chapters. God’s covenant to Abraham included all of Abraham’s decedents taking over the…

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  • Exodus Argumentative Essay

    The Exodus was the event that happened when God sent Moses to free His people, the Israelites, from the bondage of the ancient Egyptians (Exodus 3:10). The Exodus consisted of plagues, each sent because the Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites be free from their oppression (Ex. 7.4-7). The Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians because there was a rapid increase of the number of Israelites and the Egyptians were worried that the Israelites would turn against them and attempt to take over…

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  • Moses As A Mediator For God

    conversation by professing his thoughts on the Israelites and how they should be lead. This shift extends to the fact that Moses is not just God’s hand picked spokesman to the people, but is now his faithful companion. In the beginning of this excerpt, Moses straightforwardly expresses his discomfort with the idea that God has not told him who else He “will send with [Moses]”, showing that Moses acknowledges that the Israelites will not follow him or obey him if he is leading them alone. This…

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  • Michael And David Compare And Contrast

    Section A: 1. There are many things that separate Christians from the bible. With all of the translations and different versions of the bible, it is very easy to become distant from the bible. A few of the things that create this distance for modern day Christians is the language that the Israelites used and the culture that they had. Over the years, culture has changed so much, and if one were to look at how culture has changed over the last few thousand years, they could see the hundreds of…

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  • Explain Why Was Moses Barred From Leading The People Into The Land By Anisfeld

    “Why was Moses barred from leading the people into the promised land?: a psycho theological answer” Jewish Bible Quarterly 39, no.4 (October 2011): 211-220. Anisfeld’s article is a, psycho-theological answer about Moses. He believes that the reason Moses was barred from leading the Israelites into the promise land was not that Moses committed sin however because he “failed to counteract the peoples slide into blasphemy”, about God. The traditional view is that Moses was disqualified due to…

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  • Bondage And Sacrifice: The Book Of Exodus

    The book of Exodus explains how the Jewish tradition has embraced pain, bondage, and sacrifice. Reading the story of Israel’s birth and struggle revealed that initially, the nation of Israel was a small nation (Fisher, 2014, p. 253). In light of the Israelites starting out with only seventy peoples, including families when they entered Egypt, they multiplied and became a great nation (Deffinbaugh, 2004). Also, after reading the story of Egypt bondage and exodus, and how the Lord used Moses in…

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