The Ancient Israelites And People's Relationship With God

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How many times have we all heard the saying, “it’s a woman’s’ prerogative to change her mind”? In looking at the Ancient Israelites and the journey they took through the Old Testament I see a lot of swaying back and forth in being close to God and then far away from God. So if there’s anyone else that can be likened to this indecisiveness of changing ones mind, it is the Ancient Israelites.

The Old Testament is full of people’s relationship with God . Genesis is the beginning of the Old Testament where God created the heavens and the earth, and God created mankind in His own image . For women, our image and what we see in the mirror is something we take very seriously. When we look in the mirror we like to look good.
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All throughout this time we see the Israelites go from close relationship with God, to finding themselves in sin and disobedience and breaking their covenant relationship, to turning back to God and His covenant relationship.

God never turns His back on His people even though they turn their back on Him. He stands true to His side of the covenant.

The historical Hebrews and contemporary Christians are very similar in how they lived and responded to God. The Ancient Israelites were in a covenant relationship with God until their leaders weren’t there to keep them on track, just like contemporary Christians are very much persuaded by worldly desires that draw them away from their relationship with God.

In comparing Ancient Israel’s relationship with God to our modern day Christian relationship with God. We both battle and struggle with similar temptations of outside / worldly distractions. Both them and us and me are all on a journey where we are totally reliant on God’s grace to bring us along our journey. We can never claim to have all the answers because we are all in need of God’s Holy Spirit to walk this journey with us to the very

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