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  • Reflection Of My Personal Solitary Learning Style

    planet—7 billion different identities, all of us with a unique personality that is reflective of our own life experiences. Every human being in this world is unique and each individual has different ways in which they learn. There are seven specific learning styles that we as society are meant to fit into: visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary. And although it 's to be believed that we should fit into one particular category, I believe that every individual likely falls into each learning style listed above, some categories more than others. This is what makes me, me and makes you, you, which in turn allows us to be our own person, slightly differing from everyone else. To be successful in both the academic environment and the working environment, we must utilize all the…

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  • A Separate Peace Critical Analysis

    One argument from Maslow’s essay “The Need to Know and the Fear of Knowing” which directly relates to A Separate Peace is that one often evades knowledge of their true selves. Although Phineas’s nonchalant and loyal characteristics make him seem almost godlike, he seems to also fear certain aspects of himself. In particular, he has a fear that his basic desires contradict the innocent person everyone perceives him to be. For many of the students at the Devon school, the war seems almost…

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  • It's Me Son Monologue

    “It's me son.” “All this time I thought you were dead.” My microphone rings. “You gonna take that.” Dad says. I click my microphone on. “Yes Hunter.” “The President's Don't be fooled he's the one who commanded the government. He’s brainwashed. Be very cautious, Hunter out.” I click my microphone off. She’s right. “I have a question.” I say blatantly. “Yes.” “Did you send that nuke that killed Mom that day when you sent us too grandmas.” I say crying. “I did what I had to do, she…

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  • Anti-Semitism And Racism In The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare

    In The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare shows that he encourages the anti-Semitism and racism of the time. This is first shown through the choosing of the caskets of who will marry a fair lady named Portia.. Secondly, the language that is used by the characters when they are referring to Shylock. Lastly, the punishment of Shylock near the end of the play. Therefore, Shakespeare shows that he encourage the racism of the time. One reason that demonstrated how Shakespeare encouraged…

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  • It's Hard Enough Being Me Analysis

    In “It’s Hard Enough Being Me,” written by Anna Lisa Raya, Raya is a second generation Mexican-American/Puerto Rican from Los Angeles, In the article she expresses how growing up she never second guessed who she was. Then when she went across the country to attend Columbia in New York City, where she was constantly questioned who she was. She stated how “culture shock and identity crisis are common for the new l mitted collegian who goes away to school”(Raya 122). Raya explains how her…

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  • Christopher Hitchens 'Believe Me It's Torture'

    In August of 2008 the late Christopher Hitchens wrote an essay published in Vanity Fair that was titled “Believe Me, It’s Torture”. This essay was unique because of its strange pairing of content and audience. Christopher Hitchens had decided to put a fairly controversial political essay in a magazine that targets women, covers fashion and pop culture, and typically steers away from politics entirely. This shows that his intended audience was the average adult woman in america. Christopher…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Okay, Call Me Fat

    It’s Okay, Call Me Fat As a fat person who has worked their ass off to unlearn all of the self-hatred that I have been internalizing all my life, few things irritate me more than when someone says, “But you’re not fat!” when I use the word to describe myself. I know they are trying to be nice and say the thing that they think they are expected to say, but it makes me want to rip my shirt up over my face and jiggle my belly in their face screaming, “But I ammm! Can you not seeee it?” Like, what…

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  • Analysis Of Are You There God? It's Me By Judy Blume

    Can intermarriage work? How does it affect the children involved? Does it put too much pressure on the children to choose a specific religion? These are questions addressed within Jewish children’s and adolescent literature. Author Judy Blume was one of the first writers to discuss intermarriage in her novel Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. While Blume was not from an intermarriage family herself, she knew that it was an important subject within the Jewish community. In an article written…

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  • Laurence Passmore's Therapy

    surprise as Laurence is a writer and should surely know this and not have to look it up. Looking it up suggests that Laurence is correct in asserting that his education was not good and leads the reader to think that he is an average writer. However, Laurence is trying to cure his depression subconsciously. He looks up gingerly which is “from Old French genson, dainty, or gent, of noble birth,” (Lodge 4) he asserts that he is neither dainty or of noble birth. While it is true that Laurence is…

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  • How To Describe A Small Town Essay

    Even though as I got older things crumbled, it helped make me who I am today. I try and visit because my dad still lives there, and eventually I’m going to own his home. I have mixed emotions on that though, because I haven’t the slightest idea how I’m going to upkeep it from here in California. Westford New York is where I’m from, and it means to me, because it’s where we spread my mom’s ashes. It’s where I said my final goodbye, and it’s where I started and ended my life in New York in many…

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