Enhanced interrogation techniques

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  • Hard Measures By Jose A. Rodriguez

    The first problem is that it does not satisfy Kant’s first version of a categorical imperative, the Principle of Universality, which states that one should always act as if their actions will become universal law. People would not appreciate other countries using those techniques on United States’ citizens. In fact, there have been situations of a similar nature in which Americans spoke negatively on the treatment of their fellow citizens. The second problem is that the chosen course of action does not satisfy Kant’s second version, Respect For All Persons, either. This version states that human beings are required to treat other humans with respect because they are rational humans just like us who have an intrinsic worth that other animals do not. According to Kant, we should also never use humans a “means to an end” or passage to getting what we really want. This is exactly what the CIA did to the detainees. They disrespected the human dignity of the detainee and also used them just to get information.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Torture Justified?

    Imagine that someone has buried your family alive. You have the suspect in custody, but the only way to get the location of your family and save them, is if you torture the suspect. What do you do? By not torturing the suspect, your family dies, but is torture justified? I believe that in extreme circumstances torture is justifiable, when the lives of innocents outweigh the comfort of the guilty. In recent years torture has become a highly debated topic. After 9/11, President Bush authorized the…

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  • Benefits Of Torture Essay

    these techniques allowed officials to glean significant information about operations hostile to the United States." According to Trump, he supports torture because it can be used to obtain important information from detainees that may be harmful to the U.S.. Being that Donald Trump is the up and coming president of the United States, his opinions are quite important considering his potential to make changes to laws and rights. On the downside of that argument comes the question as to whether or…

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  • Zero Dark Thirty Analysis

    Presented as “the story of history’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man” (Mayer), Zero Dark Thirty is the dramatization of the search for al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Centering on the work of Maya Lambert, a Central Intelligence Agency officer, the film has raised controversy due to its historical inaccuracy in depicting torture. The film justifies torture by portraying that enhanced interrogation techniques provided key…

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  • Abu Ghraib Prison Case Study

    Where did the U.S stack up? The U.S took some accountability for its involvement in torture. The U.S released the information pertaining to their CIA black sites and pressured other governments not too pursue human rights investigations. The U.S has begun to take initiative for their acts, but most of which was a result of pressure, not from willingness to do so. Additionally the U.S Army implemented the Army Field Manual which the Central Intelligence Agency has since been instructed to…

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  • Torture Should NOT Be Allowed

    Torture is a commonly debated subject, some believing it is an appropriate means of receiving wanted information, while others believe it to be unjust and a completely cruel idea. Torture is not only severely damaging to the the prisoner, it is also extremely detrimental to the perpetrator as well. According to CNN’s report on the investigation into the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 's report on the CIA and its detention and interrogation program, of 119 detainees captured between…

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  • Should Torture Be Allowed Essay

    “Tick, tick, tick”. A bomb has been planted in a civilian building, and a mastermind terrorist has been captured. This, a very real scenario, is one that often threatens our government. So the main debate is what the government should do with the terrorist. Should our government use torture or enhanced interrogation as a way to save lives? The answer is yes, we should! Many view torture as an inhumane tactic and believe that torture should be eradicated from all governments. There are others,…

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  • Ethical Use Of Torture

    While just about everyone can agree that torture is morally reprehensible, the question arises as to whether or not there is justified use of torture, and if so, how to institute rules and regulations for its permissible use. With the war on terror, America 's use of torture and "advanced interrogation techniques" has become a prominent issue both in domestic and international forums, and a heated debate has ensued as to whether or not torture is justified as a tool in counter-terrorism efforts.…

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  • Is Torture Good Or Bad

    After the infamous September 11, 2001 attacks, the White House made torture its secret weapon in the war on terror. According to renowned history professor Alfred McCoy, Washington chose the CIA as the instrument used to fight against Al Qaeda. Surprisingly, Washington’s quick recourse to torture in the hunt for Al Qaeda replicated the same outcome of anger among the local population and alienation of the American people from the larger war effort first seen during the “dirty” Vietnam war…

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  • Persuasive Essay Torture

    what critics say, torture tactics of interrogation should not be allowed to be used in official government situations; there are better, alternative solutions. Torture has been used for centuries without question. Techniques of such were developed excessively in the medieval era of history with many new devices which people underwent for petty thefts. Such ideas were represented…

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