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  • Write An Essay On Hand-Mouth Disease

    Abigail was starting to run a little fever and shortly after the blisters showed up on her hands, feet and on her tongue. Amber was so baffled by the blisters that soon turned in too ulceration, so she immediately took Abby to her pediatrician and was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth disease. The pediatrician expressed to Amber that this disease was very contagious, and Amber began to think about all the surfaces that Abby had touched, and consequently she had touched as well. About a week later Amber began having the symptoms, but she felt like she was in much more pain than Abby. Amber could barely walk because of the blisters on the soles of her feet, fortunately Amber did not have the same ulcerations that Abby had on her tongue. The Enterovirus genus group includes a variety of viruses, two of which are the…

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  • Ev71 Essay

    first found in the United States in 1969 and then the EV71 associated HFMD outbreaks have been reported in Europe, Australia, and Asia. The EV71 infection also associated with fatal neurological symptoms, and it was first reported in Bulgaria in 1975 and Hungary in 1978 (Tee, 2010). Since 1997, the HFMD with EV71-associated neurological syndrome with high mortality rate had spread rapidly in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia (Yang, 2009). Most of the outbreaks reported in the Asia-Pacific…

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  • Arguments Against Polio

    body. Countless individuals have been paralyzed or have died from the disease. Finally in the 1950s, after numerous clinical trials, Jonas Salk created a vaccine to combat polio. The vaccine, which was offered either orally or from an injection, successfully was able to prevent the disease. As a result of the invention of the polio vaccine, the average life expectancy raised more than thirty years over the past century which ultimately allowed the human population to grow and also made way…

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  • Public Health Agencies

    ensure that preventive programs such as immunization clinics and screening for communicable diseases are offered. Concurrently, local health agencies also must be able to provide medical treatment in the event of a communicable disease such as tuberculosis or provide maternal or child services to the at risk population (Salinsky, 2012). The role of the public health nurse is fluid and always emerging to adapt to the needs of the community. An increase in communicable diseases and drug…

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  • Childhood Vaccinations: Annotated Bibliography

    Weisberg tells how the disease is easily spread in hot weather and close contact with others. She explains how Polio is transferred by human contact, how it lodges in the throat and intestines, then comes out of people in their body secretions, through sweat, saliva and stool. Weisberg explains that Polio is an enterovirus and can be divided into three separate forms. 1. Non-paralytic, which acts like Meningitis. 2. Bulbar, which affects the brain, breathing, and blood pressure. 3. Paralytic,…

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